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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xdeathoreox, Feb 26, 2012.

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    I have been having trouble with both minecraft and bukkit. Last night, minecraft thought it would be cool to:
    Crash my computer upon log in
    Freeze on log in
    Black screen my computer
    Freeze windows

    Now that fixed, and I still don't have any idea why it did that. But that is fixed. So now, I have a new problem! Bukkit constantly throws this at me when there are 3+ people on (Before this started, I could have 10 people on, no problem.):
    [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?

    It will show that every 2 seconds. The server is using about 900MB of RAM out of 1.6GB. My computer specs are:

    AMD phenom II 955 Black edition 3.2
    G.SKILL 4GB 2GBx2
    Normal house internet.

    AdminPrivateChat | Blaze of Glory | ChatCo | Chat Manager | Citizens | clear (Inventory clearer) | ColoredSigns | Console name | FakeOP | Falsebook | IceBanIP | iSafe | McCity Help | MineMail | Mobeggs | motd | multiworld | MyWarp | PermissionsEx | Playerstats | Plugin List | Ptweaks | Reporter | ReservedList | Super spawn | SWatchDog | TimedMessages | Time Shift | Ultra ban | Vault | VoxelSniper | WorldEdit | Worldguard

    I know I have a lot of plugins, but still, it just started to this.

    PS: I'm also using the BukkitGUI project
    Also, the server doesn't lag at all. It just shows the warning in the console.
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    Upgrade the RAM? Mine can barely have 5 people on... im using 1GB out of 2GB. I'm upgrading mine to 8GB tomorrow :p that should work... i think...
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    I can have 20 people on fine with 1GB...
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    You got a bunch of plugins there, I'm 100 percent sure that one or several of them will increase the server usage. Specialy the ones not supporting the latest RB.
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