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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Blooby, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: WantedList

    What I want:
    I need a plugin that allows a player, on my server, with permissions to add any player to the wanted list.

    To add someone to a wanted list, you would need to type /wantedlist add <player name> <reason> (You cannot submit this is there is not a reason). To remove a player from the wanted list, they should be removed by typing /wantedlist remove <playername>.

    To check the wanted list, all you would need to type is /wantedlist and it will show you, in a GUI, all the names and heads of the players who are wanted. If you click on the head, it will tell you in chat what they are wanted for.

    [WantedList] <playername> is wanted for: <reason>

    Another way to be removed from the wanted list is by dying, if you die in the minecraft world, you will be removed from the wanted list automatically. If it's possible, I would like for their names to not be taken off if they have jumped from a high place, drowned themselves, or killed themselves in any sort of way that they can do upon themselves.

    Also, when a player is removed from the wanted list, it will broadcast to all the players with the permissions wantedlist.default that:

    [WantedList] <Player on the list> has been removed by <Player who removed the other>.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /wantedlist
    • /wantedlist add <playername> <reason>
    • /wantedlist remove <playername>
    • /wantedlist help
    • /wl (as an alias)

    Ideas for permissions:
    • wantedlist.default (These perms allow you to do all of the commands)

    When I'd like it by: May 18th

    Thank you to anyone who attempts this
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    I will try to make this for you,

    You really want 1 permissions for all the commands? Or would you like 2 lines, wantedlist.cop and wantedlist.person?
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    well, people themselves wont have anything to do with the plugin. Only the cops on my server will. What did you have in mind that the person would do? btw, thank you for taking this up! Really appreciate it!
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    I can also try to make my version of the plugin too. Just to add I don't think it's a good idea to add the GUI which you requested. I don't know if this is meant for a small server but let's say it's a big server and the amount of criminal players exceed the possible GUI size, in that scenario we might get an AOI error and basically crash the plugin. I would suggest (and I'll try to make it this way) that when a cop does the command /wantedlist it shows for the first 10 players added in the list. In this case the usage would be:

    /wantedlist 2

    [WantedList] Player_11 is wanted for: reason_11
    [WantedList] Player_12 is wanted for: reason_12
    [WantedList] Player_13 is wanted for: reason_13

    [WantedList] Player_20 is wanted for: reason_20

    So if the cop does only write /wantedlist, this will only show the range from Player_1 to Player_10.

    ***EDIT 1***

    Also, in your request, I didn't seem to understand quite well. Is there any way of a player being removed from the list except from getting killed?

    I'll also try to add a filter that a banned player is automatically removed from the list.

    ***EDIT 2***

    I made most of the plugin:

    • a player is pardoned from the cop via a command and that sends a broadcast to players with the requested permission.
    • if a criminal is killed by another player the now ex criminal is removed from the list and it sends a broadcast to players with the requested permission that the now ex criminal is killed
    • If you add a player to the list it sends a broadcast to players with the requested permission that a new criminal is added for a specific reason
    • If a player with the requested permission does not specify a reason, the request for adding a new criminal is denied and the player needs to redo the command but with a valid reason
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    Yeah that should be fine. But I basically don't want players to be able to take THEMSELVES off of the list. If a player knows they're wanted, they shouldn't be able to just run to the ocean and drown themselves, ya know? Is there a way to add.. like, when a play hits them off a cliff, would it be able to register it?
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    Of course, only the players with the specific permission may see the wanted players, but I'm just doing everything via the chat line and not GUI...
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    Yeah you're good man, just hope this other guy isn't mad! But do you have a specific time on when it will be done?
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    It should be done in half an hour. By the way the output is not how I said. I added that only names are shown and when you hover on the name, you get a small popup with the reason.

    There are currently 3 things I need to do to finish it:

    • Add a listener that removes the player when he/she is killed (done)
    • Make a database that keeps the data stored when an update happens
    • Store the same database on the server shutdown
    • Load the database on the server statup
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    The GUI could still be a possibility. Once theres a certain number of items in the GUI, add controls for switching through pages, and create a new Inventory, which will then continue the wanted list.
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    Latest and final update, the plugin is finished.

    GitHub link is [here]
    Pre-Compiled plugin file is [here]
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