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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by simme337, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Hello there!
    I want to learn how to make plugins
    I know basic java and even some advanced, I made many simple java games and have been working training on java for about a year now. Now i want to take the next step!
    I been searching around on youtube too find tutorials on how to make a bukkit plugin, but everyone is outdated :( And due to my lack of english(Im from Sweden) I canĀ“t fully understand the tutorial at the wiki :/

    So. Either if you know any good way on learning, any good tutorials that you think can help me i would be so happy! or mayby you even can explain it yourself? (would make my day)

    Thanks for reading!

    anyone? :)

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    This is in the wrong section.
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    is it? which one is the correct? :3
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    Yes this thread is in the rwong section it will be moved to Plugin development or something.
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    Moved, thanks.
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    Oh wait....i am remembering some one called Sushi to make you read a book on a another thread.
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    I would help you if I knew Swedish. :(
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    Hm... Can you understand English when it's spoken to you? If so I would check out GTOTech, BetterePHP and BCBroz.

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