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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Boby, Jan 24, 2012.

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    hello Bukkit Community.
    i would like to learn how to use java so that i could make some plugins. any suggested sites or ways i can learn JAVA code? please help i really want to do this.
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    Well a good place to start is thenewboston on Youtube. That'll provide you with the basics, and then you could look at some code other plugin developers have released - get to know how we develop. Then there's WoopaGaming also on Youtube.
    Hope this helps :)
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    thank you. i will watch those

    i have a question... is there any minium system requirements? such as ram lvl, processer speed and harddrive speed or size? how many cpu cores do i need?

    do i need a 64 bit operating system? or is 32 bit ok?

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    I reccommend you have a system with above 256MB RAM, 1.0GHz+ processor. So the requirements for eclipse are pretty low. 32 bit is ok, but if your PC supports it use 64. The space eclipse takes up on the HDD is about 350MB, excluding projects you create which will vary.

    EDIT: Plus you will also need Java 6 JDK for eclipse to function properly. Make sure you have it before you install it.
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    If you're developing and testing CraftBukkit plugins on a single machine, you'll be running:
    • The Minecraft or Spoutcraft client
    • The CraftBukkit server plus plugins
    • Eclipse (or Netbeans/Intellij...)
    • A web browser (you'll want this for referring to Javadocs, tutorials, forums etc.)
    Try that on 256MB RAM and be prepared to wait a very long time for your PC to do anything :)

    To be comfortable you'll want at least 4GB RAM, and at least a dual-core reasonably modern CPU. 64 bit strongly recommended (if you have a 32-bit OS, make sure it at least supports PAE). I develop with a quad-core Phenom-II CPU and 4GB RAM, running Ubuntu - it's OK running all of the above but I do get a little disk swapping. If I use a second PC (laptop) to run the client, things are a lot smoother.

    Of course if you're just learning Java and want to try a few small projects out, the requirements will be much lower. But I still wouldn't want to run Windows 7 or a full-featured Linux desktop (Unity/GNOME/KDE) on less than 2GB RAM (a stripped-down Linux desktop using something like IceWM or Fluxbox could run on a lot less).
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    I have heard that Linux is the best to run a server off of due to the compatibility of plugins. Do you know why this is? I am setting up a server with Windows 7 x64, I have an AMD PhenomII Quad Core with 16gb of ram. I do have a little bit of programming experience with Java, VB and C#. I still consider myself a novice but do have a strong drive to learn. I have considered switching over to Linux (I have used Linux a little bit in the past and I like it). Is there any recommended kernal of Linux I should use to host a server?
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    i have a win xp desktop pc. with 1gig of ram and a single core 2.13Ghz processer. is that enough?
  9. For development: Should be ok
    For Minecraft: You should know it
    For server + minecraft: dont know, if you can run minecraft on high settings, you should be able to do some basic stuff with a server too.

    1. I think there have been several posts like this before... (use search!)
    2. You should create your own thread, since the question doesnt have much to do with this threads OP's.
    3. Short answer: Did you mean distro, because you should usually use the newest kernel available for your distro. (kernel is the "common" core, distros are the different OSes) I use CentOS, and it is from the same codebase as the most used commercia linux server distro Redhat Enterprise Linux. Some people like ubuntu/debian too. Its mostly what you are used to.
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    so i just watch videos and thats how i learn? what is an easy plugin for me to make as my first? i dont care what it is or if its already made.
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    You will learn more actually writing code, and searching the internet for a solution. However, without the videos you will not even know what to search. In general, if you know enough to know what you don't know, you are in good shape.
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    You just made my day by using the c64 misspelling of kernel :D. Also, its not because it has more compatibility with plugins, its because its not always installing automatic updates, its more secure (if used wisely) and has numerous features that make it better for hosting (and less bloated imo).
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