Waiting for CraftBukkit for 1.7.2

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Pandaren, Nov 8, 2013.

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    About 2 weeks past after Minecraft 1.7.2 release, and still there is no CraftBukkit for new release.
    As user(not developer), I'm really curious about what happened to new Minecraft release.
    I saw post says CraftBukkit for 1.7.2 is being delayed because there is too much changes in new Minecraft release.
    How many changes in codes?
    I started to get tired to see players in my server nagging about when can they play new bukkit.(We're running 1.7.2 vanilla now)
    I'm trying to understand difficulty of developing, and make players understand about it, but seriously, I'm curious about when can I get new 1.7.2 CraftBukkit, too.
    I hope I can run server with nice new version of CraftBukkit soon.

    And I always thanks to Bukkit development team.
    Thanks to them, I don't need to learn how to develop custom Minecraft server.
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    Thousands of lines of code has been changed.
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    There has been alot of changes, but sorry you honestly couldn't have read the rest of the threads about this instead of making another thread?
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    1.7 has been a major "slap in the face" for every minecraft modders. They changed a bunch of key systems with a really huge amount of code modification. That makes it very long & tedious for the main developers (Bukkit & MCP team). There's a reason why it's been 2 weeks without any update of those 2 ;)
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    Whenever a new release comes out, code changes. Since minecraft's code is obfuscated, modders must change their code to use the updated functions.

    For projects like bukkit, which aim to replicate vanilla functionality exactly in its default (no plugins) form, new updates require modification of a lot of code to maintain compatibility. I'm sure that one of the bukkit staffers could give a better explanation than me, but that is the gist of what is happening.
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    They rewrote the entire netcode, and some other shit. I like what they changed, but it was a kinda, let's bomb a big code bomb on everyone move tbh
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    If that changes are good for users, I like it too. But on the developers side, I could only say four-letter-word starts with 'D'.
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    japp, for devs this sucks, but things should keep evolving, to keep up, addept, improve ;)
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    Dinnerbone is a four letter word?
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    Mojang makes the game for Mojang and Minecraft players. Not for Bukkit, not for Feed the Beast, not for modders. Sure they like having all these people using mods and whatnot. But they aren't going to hold back on doing what THEY need to do to make a better game. It is not their responsibility to make sure that Minecraft updates work with old versions of mods. It the the modders choice to do the opposite or not. Mojang did what they had to do. Not the modders have to do their part, even if it is a pain in the ass. Or they just stop supporting the mods. But I think most of the very popular ones will follow the path Mojang has set. But it will take time. People modding for Minecraft don't do it for profit. They do it for fun, maybe practice. That being said they do it in their spare time. Give them time and cut them some slack. Give the Bukkit team time. Like all Dads say in the car at some point,... "We'll get there when we GET THERE!"
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    Minecraft made the vanilla for this reason. There isn't any source code, so the Bukkit team has to code it from scratch! There are many servers that have 1.7.2 but these kind of servers don't have any new items from the update. It just allows 1.7.2 clients. Be patient and wait for Bukkit to update.
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    Wrong. The code is there it is just obfuscated.
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    A lot of you are forgetting (or don't know) that a lot of the changes that Mojang made to the code is because they're working towards a really fleshed out Mod API.
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    Skip to 26:00

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    An what your discounting is the fact that the Info about that was released ages ago and has likely changed

    Its also Probably crap from the way they have acted it seems unlikely also the chances of all the mods complying with Api and being able to function using it Without running into the almost certain restrictions on what Complying mods you can edit are Low
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    Umm... What?

    Yes, they said that they were working on a mod API a while ago but I fail to see what that has to do with anything. I was pointing out that a lot of the changes that were made for 1.7 that people like you (someone not familiar with the coding process and all the technical 'stuff') don't see were made because they are working towards the mod API. That caused so many code changes which then causes Bukkit to have to go through a lot more code changes than usual. There are a good amount of people on this thread that are criticizing Mojang and saying that it has screwed up developers completely when in fact, in the long run, it was mostly for the developers.

    Besides that first line, the rest of what you said made no sense.
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    That future HISTORY panel was a complete joke.. 30mins of my time watching jeb stutter about explaining over some frigging slides of what they've done in a year since the last minecon.. which tbh I'm thinking is even bigger joke. No one cares about how many lines of code you have refactored and changed, the quality of it and changes to minecraft is still a meh, I'd like to see improvements but its just so few and far between from what developers outside of mojang done better job then jeb and dinnerbone.

    The 5min tutorial on using there lame launcher in the future of minecraft panel..lol was that just time filler.. I mean wow, while I have nothing against them doing a tutorial in a panel, why was it in the future panel?

    3 major release (with a crappy and buggy 1.7 kicked out of the door just in time for money con event)
    6 patch releases (because these guys don't actually bugtest diddly shiitt themselves it seems)
    and 49 crapshot updates (woopdee doo)

    lets face it they couldn't even be bothered to reskin a horse with a zebra skin to stick in the new safari biome, instead of spawning wooly sheep in it.. Its a joke, they get away with doing little as possible because the community of fans just accepts this crap. All the while screwing mod developers with assanine updates that really never offer improvements over the mods they break all the time.

    And they left time for only 2 questions..lololol neither of which they really answered (albeit they were crap questions, tbh I think most the questions asked at all panels was just facepalm, I'm sure some kids just waited for months to ask there question at the minecon instead of just searching google lolol) but I doubt any serious question or even interesting ones would have been heard by any of the panel as they all seemed to have developed hearing difficulties then scuttled off back to there twit feed.

    The only interesting thing at the panel was that they'd hire 2 new people to work on the actual game that still makes mojang tons of money.. I would have thought they'd hire more people to help like LAST YEAR, I guess notch isn't so tight afteral though.

    And yeh bukkit hard at work on 1.7, I'm sure you guys know there will have to be a 1.7.3 patch right.

    Just nothing professional about mojang there handling of just about everything is amateur, I would think they knew there own vanilla server is complete garbage by now, and that the 70,000+ odd thousand bukkit servers is the real multiplayer driving force of there game, yet they still just throw out updates, and then leave bukkit to update weeks later with stable builds, instead of just using that time to bugtest and give bukkit a headstart on updating so they can release a server build with the minecraft update.
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    It's quite sad how little you know about things that go aroud criticizing.
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  21. It's kind of like screaming at a chef for not putting quite enough thyme in your food when you can't tell a skillet apart from a pot, isn't it?

    Internal code refactoring is vital for large projects. Spending time to make sure everything is actually usable means that you'll be able to add content later on, rather than spending all of your time frantically trying to fix gamebreaking bugs that crop up every five seconds.
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    I will admit to in the past thinking some of what Mojang has done to be trivial at best, but I kept my reasons silent. However, in the grand scheme of things I think those former complaints of mine have become some of my favorite features in the game itself. Granted the Minecraft codebase is nowhere near as grand as other multiplayer games, the fact is it is still quite massive in size. With anything dealing with a very large scale structure as Minecraft has there are bound to snags along the way, and the waiting game has to be a constant (for quality control reasons), better to wait for a proper version than to rush a broken one.
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    No. I'm talking about bad word 'D'. I did self-censor bad word.
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    Can someone close this thread? Its way off topic...
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    And you fail to see how time changes plans ? They cant Deliver on every promise And That one was more a pipe Dream And If you are so Confident it isnt Show us the code that has changed which Makes it easier to implement A mod api So far As i have seen There is little or nothing to help the future Impletntation However if you have some miraclous Revelation that All us (Supposed 'Non Technical People') have overlooked Please Share it with us
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    I can speak from experience having just deobfuscated vanilla Minecraft .jar. It took me 2 days just to get it running (still has some kind of glitch with log4j 'ServerGUIConsole' but works). But was finally able to add in basics like /spawn, /sethome, /home, /enderchest, and some admin features.

    Now considering Bukkit has to support all kinds of additional API logic wrapped into it, I can see that easily taking a lot longer!

    Thanks for your excellent work to the community providing the Bukkit API. I look forward to the eventual release. I know there is no ETA, but one thing that would be helpful now (and in future updates) is messages like "definitely not this week". Knowing a version wouldn't be available for at least a week might change decision on working on a parallel implementation (even if 'throw away', players can enjoy temporary use).

    PS: I tried the Spigot 'early' release version and encountered all sorts of problems. So can appreciate Bukkit waiting until it's working solid before distributing.
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    Not only that, but they have to make sure there aren't allot of plugin breaks
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    Their* I hope I never have to read a Rexel post again...my eyes hurt.
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    my pleasure it was a master piece, now if I could just cram it into some twit crap and send it along to mojang on behalf of all my fans with similar sentiments. I believe that is where they take feedback from nowadays am I right.. yes I am. :cool:
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    You know, it's pretty sad. All these code changes are because Mojang is trying to get Bukkit out of the picture with the new mod api that may be available as soon as Minecraft 1.8. Bukkit also has a ton of stuff to change because of Mojang's problems in 1.7.2. I mean 1.7.3 will be coming out maybe even by the end of this month to fix all the 1.7 bugs.
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