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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by ThunderWaffeMC, Mar 13, 2014.

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    I usually don't wait this long, but I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my project or not. It's been 1 week (7 days) since I created the project and uploaded the release file on dev.bukkit.org. The project link is 'http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/easyasabc/'. If this is just me being inpatient, please forgive me. Else, any help is appreciated!

    Kind regards!
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    Pretty sure they just have a busy period right now. A lot of people go on vacation this time of year (Spring Break?) so they may be in a temporary short staff situation. Remember they are volunteers, it's not easy to manage volunteers because their time is not guaranteed.
  3. Alshain01
    I think you're right. I also have 2 updates that are 3 days + old. I guess we have to wait... and wait...
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