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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Christhirteen, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Hey, Im TwiiCe
    I own Lumiacraft, and we're growing and expanding quick.
    I am looking to find a VPS for my server, so I can have more access to the server, and hope to improve performance.

    Im currently hosted at Elpishost, its a really good host. I would recommend them to everyone.
    We want a VPS though, because the server is a creative server. And big WorldEdits lagg the server, and I want to be able to do some bigger world edits without crashing my server. (same goes for VoxelSniping).
    Recently I posted a similar thread, and someone offered a VPS. We wanted to make a deal with them but right now, they're not able to provide a VPS for us.

    What would you guys recommend for a VPS?
    Price range 50-90$/mo

    All suggestions are welcome. It IS my first time using a VPS, but you've got to start somewhere.
    I've got a decent staff team that knows their stuff about VPS's so, ill be fine I think. But if there is a host that has support focussed on Minecraft, thats a plus.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks if you reply! :D
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    Just make sure they don't use SolusVM.
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    For that price you can have a dedicated box better then any VPS. But why spend more then you need too? How many plays are you looking to hold. Large world edits are CPU hangers, going from a shared host to a VPS isen't going to change that much (CPU still shared unless you get a Xen with dedicated cores but again you are putting trust in your host)
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    I've been getting a lot of feedback talking about a dedicated box. I'd like some more information on this..
    Anywhere I can get that with Minecraft support?
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    Definitely. http://minecrafted.net/ hosts 2 dedicated servers for Gamemode (the network I work for), and they run excellently, if you know how to use Linux (CentOS, to be precise), I would recommend this to you. It's exactly $90, though. Minecrafted also offers support by Skype, and in a decent, timely manner.
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    I just started hosting servers for people, currently I am small (5 customers) but I can offer a VPS (xenserver is what i use) or a complete dedicated box. My website is under construction currently its domain is http://www.adventurenode.com/ the new site should be up with-in the week. I can share screenshots if needed.

    I offer support for minecraft and also linux (for the vps/dedicated box things) support. If you would like to know more PM me.

    EDIT:: I can also host multicraft servers that arent VPS or dedicated.
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