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    Plugin category: Advertising

    Suggested name: AutoVote

    What I want: Id like to see this plugin remind every player, Individually, NOT publicly; to vote every 5 minutes or so, then after they vote at all the sites(minestatus, PMC, Tekkitserverlist) , detectable via votifier(?) it stops reminding them, for 24 hours. and inside the reminder it has the 3 Shortened links to the 3 sites.

    Ideas for commands: Commands for this plugin id like to see the ability for the player to type, /vote to bring up the links to vote.

    Ideas for permissions: Any needed for the plugin to work.

    When I'd like it by: Anytime after i have been alerted that you have started construction of the plugin.

    Thanks in advanced guys!
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    I wonder how many times this has been requested.
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    Me to, i have been searching for one for quite some time now. Haven't found what i'm looking for. so i'm asking for it to be made. :)

    Well i'm going to bed! if anyone would like to make this for me or show me in the rite direction for it, id much appreciate it! Good night all!

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    I can see a plugin like this being dreadfully annoying.
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    Ive seen plenty of servers with it, and most of them are quite popular, and plus. After all the work that goes into a server, and you a client are to lazy to simply click a link and type your name because that would stop the message, Then you, are dreadfully annoying;)
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    On the server I play on, it periodically broadcasts reminders. Not only is it non-intrusive, it's not annoying! (hint hint) I'm sorry, but I am finding it better to just broadcast vote reminders.
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    i will give it a try, what do you want the message to say?

    EDIT: Also why do you not want it to broadcast?

    EDIT: Unable to do it sorry :/
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    I have been administrating servers for roughly 1 1/2 years now, and have never felt the need to practically spam the player's chat with a frustrating message every five minutes. Believe me, I know the work that goes into a server. The countless configuration, testing, trialling, building and improving - worst of all, the advertising, taking up multiple hours typing thread upon thread... But still, to me that doesn't warrant potentially putting off a player.

    What if they, earlier, voted for another server? They'd get the message every five minutes for as long as they play until the MC-Status (or whatever site you have it mind) time limit is up.

    Personally, (and you will most likely disagree) I feel that the very need to force your players to vote is saying something. Give them the option, remind them periodically, but not every five minutes. Provide the link, but don't do it so often that it becomes insulting.

    Put it this way; say you're a new member: if you're forced to vote on three separate sites for a server you're just coming around to, it may detract from the original attractiveness, and you may just leave and not come back.

    Anyway - yes, this concept is perfectly achievable and wouldn't be too hard to create.
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    Voteifirer? google it, im sure there are three of em or more.
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    I think you mean Votifier. but thats not what im looking for thanks.

    Thanks for the advice bro, and i see where your coming from. i as well have been running servers for a year and a half.
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    Do you still want this? I could make a plugin that reminds them to vote if they haven't already, but doesn't force them to.
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    Im not sure what you mean by that, but Yes id love to still have it made :D
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    You will need to have a votifier listener which somehow logs the votes into a file(mySQL). Reply to me once u have gotten one and tell me which one you're using.
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    Do you have one you recommend? And by the way this plugin is for 1.2.5 if thats a problem, its a tekkit server. shouldnt change the plugin i dont think

    And if its at all possible, id like to avoid mysql. i can use one if i have to. but id like to avoid it.:)

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    I have a custom plugin I very easily made. When a player joins, it waits 10 seconds, then it says, exactly: "Have you voted today? We couldn't tell. Go to to vote and get $600 in-game cash!". It's not like the player sees this as a force command, saying if you dont vote, you can't play. Also, I was trying to use Votifier and get a vote, save the name to a file, and after 12 hours, delete the name. If a name is in the file, it cancels the message sent to them. But, I was having trouble doing so. So, for now, it just sends them a message every time they join; which will be fixed... sometime... maybe.
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    is this rly not made yet? It just needs to link with votifier, a player string for people who voted, a timer (in ticks) and a message sender.
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    No lol. not publicly anyway, ive been looking for weeks :p Feel free to make it :D
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    I currently have to make a pvpkit and am working on a large new server-type plugin, but if i get the time, it is a very simple task compared to some of the other things asked for and would be very popular as a public plugin.

    The only thing is players begin to ignore the message, but it does more good then harm

    i also noticed tekkitserverlist. Is it a tekkit server because its always good to know what MC version u would need it 4

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    I'll try to make something like this :) It will be useful for my server too so I'll give it a shot. P.S. You will have to install a custom vote listener and also have to install a plugin. It won't require mysql
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    Thanks man i hope it comes out :D remember mine is for 1.2.5 if thats okay, its tekkit :p
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    um... use an AutoMessenger to do this, but i think Votifier and some listeners will do this for you.
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    auto messenger spams the whole server consistently. that's not what i'm looking for. please read the main post. and as far as i know; there are no votifier listeners that will achieve this effect. thanks for the input though.
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    here: this is Vote4Cash:
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    Thank you very much, but unfortunetly my server doesnt have a shop or really anything to put money into yet. i havent seen this listener and ill be sure to check it out. can you shoot me a link for 1.2.5?

    If the other people that are working on this rite now cannot finish it ill use this listener. but i want to see what they have first.
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    votifier : Vote4Cash
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    Thanks man ill look into it! :D

    Any luck? :D
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    I hate everything about this plugin idea and everyone who thinks its good. (that's all)
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    Is it a tekkit server?
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    Then don't comment on it. Not that hard.

    yes it is :)

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    um there are some other for votifier Lisners that will do this Vote4Cash is the one im using right now :D

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