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    I really want just a simple vote kick system. Where someone just types /votekick (playername) then someone else does something like /votekickyes or /votekickno. I want anyone, not just ops to be able to start a vote. I know that mcbans has vote ban, but I don't want anyone to be able to just ban anyone. And in the configuration file make it so that the server owner could customize what ratio of people have to vote yes for it to kick the offender.

    Or even a temporary ban. Do like a /voteban and in the configuration file, you can choose how long to ban someone. Anyone can start this vote. They can use /votebanyes or /votebanno.

    Either would be awesome.
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    Did you read the actual post or just the title?
    I don't want to use MCbans because it is a perma-ban. I want something that would do temporary bans, or just kick them...
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    MAJOR +1
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    this would be very usefull.
    ofcourse you would have to be able to make certain people invurnable for it.
    if your server is invaded by griefers and they ban you, the only mod online...
    thats not good.
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    Ill try building this later today, I am a novice though so no promises
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    Did you do it?
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    Still working on it, had a bit of delay due to other commitments. Ill post here once completed
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    it supports permissions for 1 and it has temp bans and global bans to all servers with MCbans, go read it, dont try correcting someone that knows better, k troollolol ?
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    No, I mean that I don't want anyone to be able to ban someone, but I want everyone to be able to use it.
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    MCBans has temp-bans, kicks, /votekick, and you can just use the permissions node '- mcbans.vote.kick'.
    Just listen to others :)

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