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    Suggested name: VoteForAnything

    What I want: I need a plugin/Votifier listener that can give anything when you vote, that means: items, money, permissions.. (custom commands) etc. and I know that there allready are some plugins that does this! But none of these plugins have that one thing I really need, which is a time limit. I want a player to be able to vote and then he gets permissions, eg. WorldEdit permissions (plotme server) and then it can be defined that 2 hours later, that permission will be revoked just like if he never voted (but the vote will of course still occur and exist). It could also be cool if this plugin had a /vote command that could list sites to vote from.

    Ideea for config and messages:
    # Variables:
    # %player% = Voters username
    # %service% = The service that the voter voted from, eg.
    # %prefix% = The plugins prefix, defined under Misc section in "Prefix:" setting
      Votes: 3 #Number of votes in each voting session (24hours) before the reward is given
      Expiry: 120 #In minutes
      CommandsOnVote: #Commands executed on vote
      - manuaddp %player% worldedit.*
      CommandsOnExpiry: #Commands executed when expiry time is reached
      - manudelp %player% worldedit.*
      MessagesOnVote: #Broadcast = Public server message - Private = Private message to voter
        - '%prefix% &c%player% &evoted from &c%service%&e!'
        - '%prefix% Thanks for voting! You now have 2 hours of WorldEdit!'
        - ''
        - '%prefix% &eYour vote has expired! Please vote again to get WorldEdit.
    Vote-List: #Under here you can add links to voting sites that will be added in the /vote command
      - ''
      - ''
      Plugin-Reload-Message: '%prefix% &aConfiguration reloaded!'
      Prefix: '&4[Vote]'

    Ideas for commands:
    /vfa reload (vfa.reload)
    /vote (doesnt need permission)

    Ideas for permissions:
    vfa.reload <- reload plugin

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday. :p
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    GA listener can do the most of this
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    LimitedWorldEdit only works with WorldEdit in WorldGuard regions..?

    GAListener doesnt have an expiry/do an action after a set amount of time

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    Another bump.. please, if somebody knows / are willing to do this reply :)
  7. I'm still looking for this.. Anyone?
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