[VOTE] Anyone think the Bukkit Team should receive payment from Mojang?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Deleted user, Nov 29, 2011.


Do you think the Bukkit Team should be paid by Mojang?

  1. Yes!

  2. No...

  3. I don't care.

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    Deleted user

    Hey Guys,
    I was browsing the forums, when I came across a post (I can't find it anymore...) that said that the Bukkit Team wasn't receiving payment.
    Apparently, the Bukkit Team is working VOLUNTARILY, and is NOT being paid by anyone (donations don't count ;P).
    Anyone here think that the Bukkit Team should be paid by Mojang? I mean, Bukkit is used more than the official Minecraft server program...

    EDIT: I'm just going to leave this here... :p
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    The bukkit team have sponsors, to keep the project alive, but the entire thing is them volunteering.

    I'd like to see Mojang pay them, but Mojang won't pay for something that works fine already and is "unnecessary" for them.

    It's a shame, but it is just how it works. Otherwise all these projects will start to pop up to receive payment from Mojang, they won't support anyone if it means more work for them and causes problems for them.
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    Deleted user

    Good point.
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    Yes but will never happen.
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    I think bukit is one of the top key reason why mine craft is so popular. with out customization it not be as fun or exciting
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    The Bukkit team is an epic group of people who do this in their free time. I honestly don't think they should be paid by Mojang but I do think that users should donate regularly (spell fail?) if possible.

    As mentioned by someone above, Mojang won't pay them, it wouldn't hurt them too bad if Bukkit died :(
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    I voted no for 2 reasons
    1. It opens up requests from every mod developer to request payment
    2. The video that was posted a while ago showing that getting paid for these things tend to reduce the quality overall.

    That being said nothing shows your appreciation for free programs like donations, and Bukkit definitely deserves them.
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    I would LOVE if Mojang adopted Bukkit as their multiplayer "modding API".
    It doesn't seem like they will ever get around to it themselves and Bukkit is already way further advanced for SMP MC servers in terms of features, stability and community.

    But that's in a perfect world. Who knows what would happen if Bukkit was on Mojang's payroll.
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    Deleted user

    Point(s) taken, although I still don't understand why only 50% of the people who voted voted yes. I expected at least 75%...
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  11. It's all about opinions, you know :)
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    I think it'd be great if Mojang periodically donated to great mods, including Bukkit. It doesn't even have to be much.

    Do I feel they should be obligated to PAY them? No. As much as Bukkit has contributed, there would be no end in sight if they opened up that door. There's too many great mods and not enough money to go around if you were to pay even minimum wage. It would even undermine somewhat the great contribution from volunteers.

    Still, I think Mojang gets too much of the credit (and cash). MC is very much a community-propelled entity.
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    that was pretty interesting, makes sense too.

    maybe mojang would be nice enough to make a donation once in a while?
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    Mojang paying Bukkit might actually be a good way to kill the project.
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    i agree and disagree.
    bukkit have done a great job, they have allowed players to be able to customize the game to however they want to play it, and experience new things and enjoy different ways of playing the game, but from the start the bukkit team knew that it was voluntary.
    Mojang could by rights stop the rights to develop mods and customize the game, but they havent. they are allowing us to customize their creation, which i think is payment enough.
    Bukkit recieves alot of donations from kind players who respect their work, and have enough ways to generate income if needs be. but i agree with what was posted above, if you pay bukkit, all the mod devs will want paying, and then the people who test the mods, and host the servers, etc.etc.etc.
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    Mojang didn't hire the bukkit team to build a server. Mojang isn't using large portions of bukkit code in the vanilla server (yet). Mojang has no obligation to pay them, legally, morally, or otherwise.

    The bukkit team does it because they want to. You use bukkit because you like the work of the bukkit team. If you want team bukkit to get paid for their work, then pay (donate to) them. After all, you like Mojang's work, so you paid for minecraft. You could have pirated it, but you didn't. Well, probably didn't; I don't really know. Some of you may have. But I like to think most of us did pay.

    Minecraft is not popular because of Bukkit. Bukkit is popular because of Minecraft. People buy Minecraft, then go find a server. Bukkit keeps people playing Minecraft, but Mojang doesn't get much out of game longevity. They get paid up front, whether you quit playing after 2 hours, or 200k hours.

    Anyway, the point is, if you feel the bukkit team should be getting paid for their work, then pay them. What's stopping you? If you, a bukkit user or admin, haven't donated, then why do you care if Mojang, who doesn't depend on bukkit, doesn't pay?

    Get it?

    (Just to clarify, I'm using the generic 'you', and not pointing fingers at anyone in particular!)
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    In fact, it IS neccessary for Mojang. Thats what I think. Perharps they don't want to admit it.

    Imagine what would happen if there was no Bukkit-like framework for making plugins possible in that easy way.
    There would not be ANY big servers around because they would not be manageable.
    Ever tried to keep a Vanilla-Server with more than a small, trusted group of players alive? No chance....
    It would be completely out of control within days.

    Bukkit is a major reason why MC gained such a big community. Otherwise MC would have become boring or annoying very soon and probably whould have never become such a great success in the long run.

    And I'm sure there will be plenty of people and sponsors willing to pay for the Bukkit teams efforts in the future as well.
    Mojang would have alot of reasons to contribute to the Bukkit project, but in my opinion, it's better not to have Bukkit commercialized in that way. It would gernerate a subjection in a way that I believe would not be desirable for such kind of project.
    People who do something because they want to, are surely doing a way better job than some who do it just because they get paid for it.

    Well, you have a point here. Mojang doesn't get much or anything from players who bought the game allready.
    But that's not the whole picture.
    Minecraft is still growing, because of the strong community. Millions of long-time players are pulling new people on our servers and so they are buying new premium accounts from Mojang.
    Minecraft would have become allready sanded-up without it's big sustaining community.
    And I believe it's big and sustaining mainly because of Bukkits efforts.
  19. Without any question the bukkit team (also hmod previously and canary team to a certain extend) and also a lot of the modders add a alot (Alot) of value to the game and make online gameing possible to a non-trival extend. Julian K├╝cklich even goes that far to term it "precarious labor (playbour)" in his exerpt "Precarious Playbour: Modders and the Digial Games Industry".
    I can only recommend to give it a read: http://journal.fibreculture.org/issue5/kucklich_print.html
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    Its an Open Source Program so No you shouldnt get paid, They even advertise it to be open source (MOD on main menu) Yall do work super damn hard Ill give you that but to dare try and get a cut of a game you didnt make/ only modify...No.
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    I think mojang should donate but not pay them.
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    I don't think it's a good idea. Once you start paying an entity, then other competitors will want money too and plugin devs too.
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    I would be happy with just Mojang saying that Bukkit is the minecraft server software and releasing the non-obfuscated code, would make things a lot smoother IMO
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    Once you release the whole unobfuscated server code, it might became possible to see client user passwords. Of course I would suppose the password sent to the server is hashed.
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    Uhm. The client never sends a passsword to the server in any form.

    You should check out the way authentication works: http://www.wiki.vg/Authentication
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    Adding to what @NuclearW already mentioned, obfuscation is not security.
    Obfuscating the code does absolutely nothing to prevent passwords from being read if they worked as you describe.
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    Nathan C

    I they should get payed... 1 million dollars and split it.

    Nothing big out of Notch's wallet.
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    Instead, Mojang should work with the Bukkit team to provide better quality products. SMP is what made this game explode, yet it's still buggy as hell in 'final release'.
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    Deleted user

    ... No, 1 million dollars ISN'T something big out of Notch's wallet >.>.
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    I agree; They don't get back as much as they put out for us. They deserve as much as we do, maybe even a little more. They're the ones working on Bukkit, not us. Honestly, I think for every Recommended Build they release, they should get a lot of money for it, seeing that Notch has millions.
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