VisualPermissions - A GUI editor for Permissions 3.x and PermissionsBukkit (Pail Support!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Acrobot, Jul 15, 2011.

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    As you may know, setting up permissions manually is hard =)

    This tool helps you edit Permissions 3 or Permissions config without ANY troubles.
    (GroupManager's groups work well with Permissions 3 preset =D )

    How to use:
    Double click the .jar file.
    If that doesn't work, execute "java -jar VisualPermissions.jar"

    To start editing, click "Load Permissions configuration".
    Choose your Permissions WORLD FOLDER and click "open"
    Then, after modifications, just click "Save Permissions configuration"
    PAIL version:
    Just drop the .jar into plugins folder :)

    If you open your generated files, they may seem different, but believe me, it just looks different, but works flawlessly :)

    YEAH, go Open Source!
    As everything I do, VisualPermissions is Open Source too :)

    Bukkit team - for Configuration class​
    SnakeYAML authors - for their parser​
    @koolblue87 - for very nice suggestions :)

    15-08-2011 - Added Permission editing, automatically selects the next permission while you're deleting the old ones, you can now modify selected permission by right-clicking​
    23-07-2011 - Added PermissionsBukkit support, re-written everything, added new features, etc.​
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    that worked, thank you <3
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    No problem :)
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    Matt Gill

    Sweet! Care to put up a screenshot? I'm downloading now, but I'm sure some people may not download it because they like to see it before they get it.
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    Suggestion: You could integrate it with the client-side Spout, so the editor is actually in-game!
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    that would be........ EPIC.
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    @Acrobot If you're so inclined, this would be great with Pail support
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    Hmm... I'll try, as I am better in making plugins than stand-alone aplications :)

    @Matt Gill
    Okay, I'll try.
    I am planing to add new features that @koolblue87 suggested me (Thanks!)

    Pail seems very nice, but how would this work?
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    @Acrobot You could just put the entire gui as-is into a JPanel instead of a JFrame and package it into a simple plugin to pass to pail. There's some more specific information in the thread.
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    The next update he will release is going to be better. I cant wait until it comes out the next update has many more improvements that we can all look forward to. Great job Acrobot.
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    Cosmic Break

    if you had a way to convert permissions3 to permissionsbukkit, that would be awesome!
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    If I could, I would send you many, many cookies. I have been looking everywhere for a simple program that lets me do this.
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    I have some ideas,
    1. Able to select/copy and paste more than 1 permission node to copy to another group.
    2. Fixed directory(it will remember your last permission folder)
    3. Link in-game /permissions -reload with VisualPermissions for one-click permissions reload.(When you get pail support)
    4. Some tips like add a - infront if you want to take the permission away from someone, and * when you want to give all permissions to that group.
    5. Prefix/Suffix configuration and color preview.
    6. Make editing player groups instead of removing and then adding possible.
    That's all for now :x

    Thanks for this wonderful editor! Now I don't have to copy and paste to yaml parser to make sure I did it right!
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    @Acrobot could you make it where u can configure permissions per world plz
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    The Pail support is already there :)
    And thanks for suggestions, I'll try doing it!

    You can already in Permissions 3, the rest will be soon.
  17. First of all: Thats a really helpful plugin for me. Have to change from Permissions 3 to PermissionsBukkit. Its saving lots of time :). Thanks for that.

    Thats possible? I should take a look at Spout. That would be really cool.
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    bPermissions has a single command to change from Permissions 3 to bPermissions ;)
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    Am I the only one still using pex?
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    Thanks alot dude, this is amazing, keep up the good work. and how about a option to add per player specific permissions.
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    Lunar Delta

    No, PEX is awesome.
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    This seems cool =D
    I might use this some time later when I get PermissionsBukkit :p

    Oh sorry for double post, browser messed up. (Internet Exploder @ school.. it sux)

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  23. Ah haven't seen that :D
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    I know this should be really easy to use, but might be helpful to add a short video tut on your OP. I know I would watch it.. lol
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    Not ATM, because I am trying to re-write this, so it'll be able to convert, for example, P3 to PermissionsBukkit.
    Quick guide:
    - click "load permissions"
    - choose permissions FOLDER
    - edit permissions :)
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    Really useful! But yes, the converter would be the icing on the cake. :)
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    @Acrobot Okay, Thanks. I was slightly confused on exactly how to start. Just wanted to make sure I did it right :)
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    Bravo, I am very impressed! :D This makes me seriously consider migrating permissions systems *again*. :eek:
    If I had seen this 2 weeks ago, I'd have used this to manage permissions. But I chose to migrate to PermissionsEx instead (due to its close resemblance to P3) and had a nightmarish weekend converting the permission nodes. :p

    Before I go postal on my server perms, is support for other permissions systems, like PermissionsEx, on the cards?
    (If not, I guess I can use the imminent MC 1.8 vanilla break to rebuild permissions from scratch...)
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    Yeah, If you can see - it is going to be rewritten, so for example, you can convert from PermissionsEx to PermissionsBukkit, etc. :)
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    this is pure win..

    thx a lot man :D
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    Very Nice Plugin !

    But if got one Problem. Everytime i use it to change my Permissions 3.x config its remove all ' in the config file and destroy it...

    I don`t know if its a Problem of my own or a problem with the Plugin....
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