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    I have a great idea for a plugin.

    Plugin category:
    Admin tools

    Minecraft version: 1.8 & up

    Suggested name: VirtualRAM

    What I want: I want a plugin that increases the amount of RAM you have by using server storage as part of the RAM. So if you have 1GB RAM, you could increase it by using this plugin to dedicate storage as part of the RAM.

    Ideas for commands:
    /bram dedicate <amount of ram you want to dedicate in Megabytes> - sets how much extra RAM you want to set up.
    /bram confirm - confirms the first command
    /bram usage - shows info of all the server RAM + the dedicated amount.

    Ideas for permissions:
    boostram.admin - gives permissions to all the commands of the plugin

    When I'd like it by: Anytime
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    That is not how RAM works... This is not possible.
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    Idk. Just an idea. I figured if there was an application on the computer that does that, then it could also be applied to a server.

    This idea actually might not go under the category of "plugins" because this is something that affects the machine. I put this here because it might be possible to make it on a plugin.

    It still might be something someone could make not using the spigot/bukkit API. It could be plain java in the server outside of the plugin folder.
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    Pretty sure if it does not evolve the Bukkit/Spigot api it does not belong in this section.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Tails_Prower_24 If somebody would make this then there are a couple things:
    1. Java is not powerful enough for it.
    2. Using the hard disk is very slow to use as RAM
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  6. @Tails_Prower_24 Not possible but my plugin LaggRemoverPlus has been proven to cut ram usage in half, there are also many other plugins out there that can also help reduce ram usage.
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    @timtower @bwfcwalshy
    How about SSD? For servers with SSD storage.

    I think it might be possible. I saw an applications/flash drives for computers that does just that:

    I've seen applications that do this stuff.

    I found the term for this. It's called virtual memory.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Tails_Prower_24 SSD makes it faster, but ram is ram for a reason.
    And that isn't java anymore.
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  9. @Tails_Prower_24 Even with SSD it will still be a LOT slower, you will either need more RAM or try to use less RAM with less plugins, worlds and using plugins like mine in an attempt to lower it.
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    Ok so it might not be possible with java, and it shouldn't be used to be the primary source of RAM, but the article says this:

    "The read/write speed of a hard drive is much slower than RAM, and the technology of a hard drive is not geared toward accessing small pieces of data at a time. If your system has to rely too heavily on virtual memory, you will notice a significant performance drop. The key is to have enough RAM to handle everything you tend to work on simultaneously -- then, the only time you "feel" the slowness of virtual memory is is when there's a slight pause when you're changing tasks. When that's the case, virtual memory is perfect."

    I know ssd is slower than RAM, but perhaps a small amount of it could increase performance. There is a "key" here. "to have enough RAM to handle everything you tend to work on simultaneously". This way, there would be better system performance. Then, the only time it's slow is when it's changing tasks. (which might not happen a lot in Minecraft because the task will always be Minecraft)?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Locked as this is not possible in any way using Java alone and certainly not as a plugin.
    And to prevent a conversation that is in the wrong place.
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