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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by MikeA, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I use a custom plugin to allow players to use virtual chests that they can access anywhere. After the 1.7.X updates my plugin has become broken and not usable. The developer who made it isn't able to help and doesn't play Minecraft anymore, so I'm asking here (yes again).

    The virtual chests are saved as <player>.nbt files, and apparently the file type is the problem? If you're able to help and possibly update the plugin, <Removed advertising - Necrodoom>

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    The problem is I have 200+ virtual chests full of contents that I need to save, and no other plugin will read the .nbt save files :(
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    Whats the problem with it
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    The plugin won't read the chest (.nbt) files, so when players execute the '/chest' command to open their virtual chest, it is empty.
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    NBT (Named Binary Tags) format is just the data format specified by Notch, you can save any kind of data with it. Minecraft itself uses it to save player.dat files, world files and a other data. You can use NBTExplorer or another utility to read the file.
    Instead of updating the old plugin I think it's better to switch to another plugin that's maintained and use one of the following methods to recover old data (from .nbt files):
    1. Convert data manually (with NBTExplorer and a text editor to save YAML files).
    2. Create a tool to convert the data for you.
    3. Create a plugin with a command that will read the player's .nbt file, drop all items next to the player and delete the file.
    If you want someone else to help you with 2nd or 3rd method, you'll need to send them the NBT files to analyze the data structure.
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    Locked. Not a valid plugin request.
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