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    In the same vein as the "Corrupted Blood" incident (I'm sorry World of Warcraft was mentioned so early into a thread, but there you go), I would like a plugin that would simulate a transmissible plague among the population, simple as that. It would be fun to see how players on a large server react, whether quarantines are enforced and other roleplay applications.

    Here's the idea. A permissions-enabled command turns someone into a "carrier" for a certain amount of time. During this time any person within a set radius of the carrier has a % chance per second to contract the disease. If you register as contracting the disease, you are notified and have a set period of time and then you start losing health (perhaps half a heart per minute, something slow). If you log out, you should be registered as still infected so that infections are persistent and people can't cure themselves by logging out. Maybe there could be a % chance to also become a carrier, which means you take less damage over time but are still as likely to pass the disease on.

    Depending on how feasible it is, there could be a possibility for medical treatment to cure the player of the disease at special points, in the vicinity of designated doctor players or via NPCs (in order of difficulty and awesomeness).

    Perhaps the plugin for this would also be able to maintain a players inventory through deaths (i.e. return player's items after dropping them by dying) since repeated deaths are both probable and irritating to the infected player.

    Thanks for reading! Sorry if this ranks high on your "wall of text"-o-meter.
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    It's actually a good description! (and idea!) Well, if I have time, I'll have a look, but I already said that to another request, so... I'll tell you if I start working on this.
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    This does seem like a fun idea. Support.
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    Okay, thanks for dropping in to show interest!

    Thanks, man. Hope somebody picks this up!
  5. First of all, I really like this idea and you described it quite well :)
    I started working on this a couple days ago to see how some things could be worked out (in a technical way).
    It currently listens to the "/infect playername" which will infect that person and thus make it the carrier. It also checks for players around the carrier which have an exact 70% (will become a setting in the config file) chance of becoming infected. And there's a difference between the infected and carrier, the first takes 1 heart per x amount of time and the latter takes 0.5 a heart of damage over time.
    It works by adding a permission node to the infected and carriers (thus the players).

    Still need to build in the % of becoming a carrier you described and also the possibility of healing.
    The healing could be done by assigning someone (an actual player) as a doctor? Or via a command ("/heal name")? Or by interacting with a specified object like eating an apple?

    Will be leaving for a about 3 weeks starting tomorrow but just wanted to give you a headsup.
    Feel free to message me, but don't expect a reply for 3 weeks ;)
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    An awesome request, could include a plethora of sicknesses really including the cold and such. Possibly add "cures" by eating usually non-edible items like flint or cocoa beans, only edible while they're sick?

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