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  1. Is there a plugin released that kicks a player in a group that doesn't have a permission if someone in a different group attempts to join? Let me give you an example.
    The server is full, obviously with a lot more normal players than VIP's. Say a VIP attempts to join and the server is full, the server randomly kicks a normal player and allows the VIP on.

    I have found plugins like this but I dont think there is one that is as simple as giving a group a permission to let it work. I have looked around but I cant find any, could someone link me to one or make this?

    Thanks! :)

    EDIT: Im using Essentials Group Manager if that makes a difference.
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    I would generally feel sad for the user who got kicked out of the server, just for a Very Important Person.
    But never the less, This is a very interesting plugin id like to see this be made and test it.
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    This seems to be similar to what you are looking for:
  4. Thats kinda what I want but its a bit far from what I need.
    Im starting to think this doesn't exist, could someone in the community make this?
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    Essentials has this. It is the permission node: essentials.joinfullserver or some shiz like that
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  6. So it does, wow I spent about 2 hours looking for a plugin to do that and it was right under my nose. Thank you :)
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    Glad you found something that suits your needs.
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    Any time :)

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