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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: VIP-Fly

    What I want:
    If player has permission (vip.flytrial) and types "/fly"
    his fly should work for a configurable amount of time (e.g. 5 mins) then after 5 mins, his fly is disabled and a cooldown (configurable) is needed e.g. 10mins before he can re-fly.

    if player has permission ( and types "/fly"
    his fly should activate and their should be no cooldown or limits etc

    now one last thing I need is "multi-world" support, so in the config you can disable the fly in other worlds e.g. world_end, world_nether etc and fly wont work their at all(this affects everyone!)

    Ideas for commands: /fly

    Ideas for permissions:
    -vip.flytrial - a /fly command for non vips - a /fly command for vip;s

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.

    Additional Info: I will donate to you $5 if you add me as the project manager/documentor on BukkitDev as well as test dev builds for you. I would also require the source code for learning purposes, thanks for reading.

    If anyone is interested we can talk here on bukkit or you can skype me at tanveer.ahmed2k12
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    Jonathan Danek

    I could make this for you!:)
  3. I could make this, PM me :p
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    Things not to do
    Lastly, we have the things you should not do in your post.
    "PM me for details" - If you cannot describe your plugin requirements in public, people are not likely to care to reply. Keep your discussions to the thread and suddenly more people reply!
    Money offers/payment - As per the forum rules, monetary offers are not allowed. Posts offering payment will be deleted on sight without warning.
    "Hiring developer for server" - Post those in your server's topic in the server forum. Maybe add a [NEED DEV] tag to that post. This forum is for plugin requests not dev team requests.
    Claim the plugin as your own - Do not take a fulfilled request and post it as your own plugin.
    Personal Requests - If your request is for you and you alone, and no one else can use it, you might want to learn Java!
    Fix or modify current plugins - Submit a ticket to that developer on BukkitDev!
    Huge, huge huge requests - Not actually a "not to do" but do not be surprised if an extremely complicated request is ignored. The simpler a plugin, the more likely it is to be made.
    Requesting a plugin that is better served by online-mode=true - If online mode already solves your problem, a plugin should not be requested.
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    Isn't there already multiple fly plugins with the same command and the same way to be used?
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    use essentials and give vips the command they can type /fly and doublespace to fly like in creative mode
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