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    Plugin category: World Generator

    Suggested name: Village Genertor/Village Spawner/whatever you like best

    What I want: I would like a plugin that allows ops/admins to spawn villages by command. The idea would be to put in 1 of 3 commands. Both would spawn a village around the player saying the command so that they would be in the center of it. 1 command would spawn the village completely random in size and shape, where as the 2nd command would have a little more to it allowing the player to choose a random village by size(small/medium/large) and the 3 would allow for complete control over the village.

    Ideas for commands: /vg spawn - would spawn a 100% completely random village around the player.
    /vg spawn <small, medium, large> - spawns a random looking village with a defined size.

    /vg spawn <blockRadius> <percentToFill> <numberOfBuildings> <numberOfWells> - spawns a village taking up a block radius defined in <blockRadius> that will fill the radius by a percent defined by <percentToFill> with optionally a specfic amount of buildings and wells defined by the last 2 parts, those can be left blank to be random. Ultimatly allows a person to make a village that is 500x500 blocks if so desired.

    Ideas for permissions: Don't really believe this needs permissions, would be for ops/admins only so I guess -villagegen.admin

    When I'd like it by: Don't really need this right this second but getting it soon would be really awesome, would make setting up custom worlds for quests/rpg servers alot better!

    Also if you take interest in this, take a look at THIS plugin, compatibility between the 2 would be great!
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    Heres two plugins for you to check out

    First is Which can do modern day Cities and also Ruined Nether Cities
    even if it's to modernistic for you. it's still a great resource to Copy Paste and Repaint existing building shapes with WorldEdit

    Second is Which is a much more intense (huge learning curve) World Generator that can add custom designed objects at world generation (It can configurably spawn custom trees/buildings/villages)

    Easiest workaround though would be to simply...
    • Get World Edit
    • Generate a Super Flat world.
    • Run around it and make schematics out of as many villages as you like
    • Paste a different one each time you want too, no new plugins needed :)

    If you ask real nice i'l give you a schematic of a nearly NPC Village that i pimped out a bit and restyled.

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    Thanks but no thanks. That is exactly what I don't want to do. And I already user TerrainControl & I would want the generated villages to match the flow of the land.

    And no offense Kiakaha, but I can probably build better then you so not too intrigued by your pimped out village.

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