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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Xp10d3, Mar 7, 2020.

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    Hello. I am running a Bukkit server and would like an Auction plugin that uses Vault. I have tried Auction House but it only runs Spigot sadly and doesn't work with Bukkit (I have tried the latest version).

    What I want: A player can do /ah and it will open up a GUI. There are multiple pages that can be clicked using an arrow to go to the next page. Money is based on the Vault. Upon buying the money will go to the player that bought the item (of course) and the player who bought it will get the item. There is a 24 hours time limit and when that time is over the item is removed from the auction house. No config is needed (unless you want to ad logging).
    /ah: Opens the auction house GUI.
    /ah <price>: The item that the player is holding in their hand is posted on the auction house and the price is added to that item.
    ah.use: Allows opening the auction house GUI and posting an item on the GUI.
    When I'd like it:
    As soon as possible. I want to open up my server as quick as possible.

    It's been a while since I've been on Bukkit so I hope I added all the necessary information 0-0 Thanks!
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    Any reason why you're still using Bukkit instead of Spigot? I mean, there's no need to create a whole plugin if there is an updated and working one.
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    Machine Maker

    @Xp10d3 what is your reasoning for not using spigot? Its literally a drop in replacement for bukkit. And while you are at it, use Paper which is a drop in replacement for spigot. All bukkit plugins work on bukkit, spigot and paper, all spigot plugins work on spigot and paper, and paper plugins just work on paper. Each one is just an improvement on the previous.
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    @Sensevx @Machine Maker Its cause I'm using an updated version of PerWorldPlugins. It only works on Bukkit. I had a dev update it for me and I need to use it. I don't want to spend more money on a VPS or more servers so I'm using PerWorldPlugins. I would use Spigot/Paper if possible.
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    @Xp10d3 Next time if you request new plugin. please tell us which version of server you want to use.

    Anyways, have you tried yet?

    If you do and it doesn't work, then I'll be happy to make a new auctions plugin.

    Also, I don't think PerWorldPlugins doesn't works on Spigot. That's because Spigot is kinda based on Bukkit API, and every plugins that's written for Bukkit servers should works fine in Spigot.
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    Apologies. Been so freakin long since I’ve used Bukkit Forums. I have used nearly every single Auction plugin and I believe I’ve used that one. If you can make this plugin for me that would be r get eat :) version is 1.15.2. Thanks!
    EDIT: PerWorldPlugins uses Bukkit core and command map which Spigot doesn't have even thought it's a fork of Bukkit which is why it requires CraftBukkit.
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    @nahkd123 Are you going to make this? :O
    EDIT: Doesn't seem like the auctions plugins work. I remember trying that one. I get the chat color bungee error.
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    Never mind PWP seems to be working on Spigot even though the numerous times I've used it before it didn't work. Sorry about that.

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