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    I think it would be very cool to have a plugin for various mob functions. I have no idea how possible these ideas are, but some of them were on hmod in a more basic form. Even if only half of these are possible, it would still be really nice =p
    Such as:
    Lowering/Raising the chances of particular mobs appearing and the overall spawn rate of mobs, maybe even the max light level they appear at. I'd imagine this would be done by taking the existing spawns and doing a random chance of replacing them with the new mob.
    Changing what certain mob spawners spawn.
    Allowing abnormal mobs to spawn in the main world, such as humans, pigzombies and ghasts.
    The ability to spawn mobs at your location, with permissions for both monster type and amounts so you could let users spawn up to 5 pigs at once but not even 1 creeper.
    Maybe the ability to change how destructive creepers and ghasts are?
    The ability to modify health of mobs and damage they cause.
    And finally, the main reason I made this topic: some way to highlight blocks with light levels low enough for mobs to spawn. I'm always unsure if a block is just 1 light level too dark, so being able to type /mobcheck or whatever and see would be awesome.

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