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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MUSTARDJAR-BMS, Apr 20, 2012.

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    so me and my servers other owner are going into making a forums for our server. but we are unsure how to use the domain as the servers IP can someone PLEASE help us?!, and also we herd that with webhosting we could upload the server folder to their site which would allow traffic to go through their servers comps, is this true ? or is there a way ? please help us
    or server name is BlueMountainServer, IP:, the domain we are gonna use is (which isnt ready to go live yet) but we would really love the help.

    -MUSTARDJAR, and vicmac1995
  2. To allow people to connect to your server using your domain name, you need to point the domain to the IP using a nameserver. Normally the site that you bought the domain from provides this service. In the control panel of the site, you just need to go into manage dns and set the 'A' record of your domain to point to If you got the domain name from GoDaddy, read the following article for how to use the DNS manager:

    If you wish to host a site as well however, it is very complicated to do what you are saying of redirecting traffic through their server. I would recommend creating a subdomain for users to connect to your server with(such as, keeping the main domain for your website.
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    this is easy. use subdomain + A record to the server's ip adress
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    thank you for ure help everyone
    we are using so if you knew anything about that that would be amazing
    also we are trying to see if there is just someone that can help us MAKE the sight/site if anyone is interested. we can't guarantee any kinda pay BUT we sure damn do try to reward everyone who helps us out.
    we made a skype: BlueMountainServer :) add us if you can help :)

    this is also my first successful server and first domain ever made as well so anyone who can put up with a walk through on skype or something would be really great ! thanks everyone !

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    use no-ip
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    In DNS-Settings of DirectAdmin of whatever you use for the Domain add an A record with as a name play, mc.. or something else and as IP the IP of the server without the port. +- 1 Day and it's up.
    If the name is play then you would have to give in: play.YOURDOMAINNAME.DOMAINEXTENSION
    If you do not have the default port 25565 then you'll have to add the port to it too, this cannot be configured.
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    can anyone help me MAKE my domain ? and get it running with my sever using it as the IP ? PLEASE. its a lot to ask but im just flat out noob at this domain deal. it seems i bit off more than i can chew :1
    -MUSTARDJAR, vicmac1995
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    No, this guy already has a proper domain
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I've deCAPitated your thread title. Have your purchased your domain name from a registrar yet?
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    yes i purchased a domain from domains made easy and i downloaded forums software for it but i dont have time/skill to make it look nice and work well :(

    i basically need a webpage designer who can make my forums work and look good for no charge or at least cheap. like i said a lot to ask but i figured its worth the try

    if you can help me please add my server skype i mentioned it earlier but its bluemountainserver. on skype please and thank you

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