Inactive [USER/RP][Spout/Perm/mySQL] SpoutPlayers 2.0.5: player models, appearance, PM's and more[1.2.5-R4.0]

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    SpoutPlayers 2.0.5[formerly SpoutPlayerSkins]
    Donate - THANKYOU!!!
    Change player models, skins, capes, names, gravity, jump height, walk, air, and swim speed, render distance and many more!

    Project Page:
    Please submit problems with SpoutPlayers to:

    Settings can be stored in your config file or mySQL database.
    Restrict user permission to allow/deny changing of values.
    Change groups of players with one edit.

    Create a group type:
    /set @<type> <groupName> <value>
    Set a players type to a value or group type:
    /set <playerName> <type> <value>
    Reset a players type value to default:
    /set <playerName> <type>
    Display info:
    /set <playerName>

    /set nil0bject
    /set skin admin*.png
    /set nil0bject skin admin
    result: my skin would be set to
    /set skin admin
    result: my skin would be set to
    /set nil0bject skin
    result: my skin would be set to

    <type>s are:
    - name: change the name
    - cape: change the cape
    - skin: change the skin
    - mob: change into a mob with a valid ID number of a minecraft entity. Get them from the wiki.
    - grav: changes how quickly you will fall. will still take fall damage. will get kicked if floating for too long.
    - walk: how fast you walk
    - swim: how fast you swim
    - air: how fast you fly
    - sight: how far the player can see. reduce lag or increase visibility.
    - jump: how high you can jump
    - fly: true or false
    - pm: send an achievement notification to a player with your name and message
    - warn: constantly send a warning to a player until you send another warning with only a fullstop in it

    Server Installation
    1. Download SpoutPlayers
    2. Download Spout.
    3. Copy SpoutPlayers.jar and Spout.jar into your bukkit servers plugin folder.
    4. Start or restart your bukkit server.

    Player Installation
    1. Download SpoutCraft Linux: jar Windows: exe MacOS X: app.
    (optional)1.1. Copy Spoutcraft.jar to where your minecraft launcher is.
    2. Open Spoutcraft.jar.
    3. Login with your minecraft account.
    4. Wait for a clean copy of minecraft to be downloaded and modded.
    (this does not modify your original minecraft)
    5. Connect to a bukkit server running Spout and SpoutPlayers!!


    2.0.5 MultiWorld support for MySQL servers
    * if you use MySQL to store your SpoutPlayers data, then you now can set player type values on a per world basis.
    * /set <playerName> <worldName> <type> <value>
    # /set nil0bject world skin*.png
    # /set nil0bject world_nether skin
    # /set nil0bject world_the_end skin
    * this isn't supported with config files yet. please consider using MySQL.
    2.0.3 - More @<types>!
    - you can now use the @<type> command with all the types to make groups with names.
    eg. /set skin nameOfMyGroup

    - fixed the console spamming
    - added more default options when a new SpoutPlayers/config.yml file is created

    -SpoutPlayers now saves your settings

    - updated to work with latest craftbukkit 1.2.5 and latest SpoutPlugin/SpoutCraft 1.2.5
    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=#141414][B]1.9.1 - bug fix[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
    - fixed error with morphing into mobs.
    1.9 - Private Messages via Achievements!
    - add a new <type>: pm
    - this will send an achievement notification to a player with your name and message
    - much easier than finding your name in the chat log
    - usage: /set nil0bject pm Hey.What_ya_doing?
    - nb: currently messages can only be one word, and less than 26 characters.

    -fixed a few bugs with the config and warn type.

    -trying to fix permissions errors
    SpoutPlayers 1.8 - warnings and morphing
    - send an achievement notification to any player. will keep warning until it is reset
    - /set nil0bject warn stopMessingAround*
    the warning can only be one word on the command line, so it's best to setup premade warnings in your config(warns:) or mysql(SPwarns)
    reset warning:
    - /set nil0bject warn .
    - /set nil0bject warn

    - morph into any entity installed in all connected clients
    - this means, using the ID number of an entity(eg Ghast is 56), you can change your appearance for other players, not yourself.
    - /set @mob ghast 56
    - /set nil0bject mob ghast
    and then for lulz
    - /set nil0bject grav 0.1
    - /set nil0bject air 100
    - /set nil0bject fly true
    - if all clients have a mod installed, that includes a custom entity, you just need to know that entities ID and everyone can change into it.
    - who has some cool minecraft models?
    - this is part of the custom player model integration.

    Vanilla Entities
    entity, ID
    "Creeper", 50
    "Skeleton", 51
    "Spider", 52
    "Giant", 53
    "Zombie", 54
    "Slime", 55
    "Ghast", 56
    "PigZombie", 57
    "Enderman", 58
    "CaveSpider", 59
    "Silverfish", 60
    "Pig", 90
    "Sheep", 91
    "Cow", 92
    "Chicken", 93
    "Squid", 94
    "Wolf", 95


    ------------------future updates-----------------
    - custom entity skins
    - hide name
    - respawn with different values. ie zombies!!
    - custom player models(will require client mod)

    Donate - THANKYOU!!!
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    Grammar Troll

    Swim speed is currently not working, nor does jumping work.
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    Grammar Troll

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    hey, no problems. thanks for the info!!!!

    it's looks like your config is ok...
    I think most of the problems are caused by other plugins. It's not suppose to happen, but a number of people reported that after they updated all their other plugins, the errors surrounding my plug disappeared. Have you tried updating your plugs? Do you have many?

    Also, something you could try. Set some of the values that don't appear to be working, to whole numbers not decimals. Basically Spout dictates what kind of value it is. Sometimes it's a decimal, sometimes it isn't.
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    Grammar Troll
    I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I don't have any other plugins than Spout and SpoutPlayers.
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    Is it possible to use the skins of the players only on one world? Or only one group/rank Permissions ?

    I have a Freebuild world and a Roll-Play Wolrd and I want to assign skins only one of the worlds.

    Thank you!

            grav: normal
        'G32Virus' :
            skin: Aventurier
            skin: Lenomduskin ou Url
            cape: LenomDeLaCape ou Url
            grav: Le nomDelagravitÈ
        low: '0.1'
        normal: '1'
        updateFreq: 100
        debug: false
        mysql: false
        port: '3306'
        address: ''
        user: ''
        database: ''
        pass: ''
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    @nil0bject - Are you alive ? Are you doing something ? Hope you will jump at us with a big update. ;)
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    the server says it changed my name and skin, but it stays the same
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    Great plugin! Is it possible to color the names?
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    I'm having the same problem.
    Using CB 1337.
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    Is it possible to make a model that you can change to?
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    sorry guys. this thing is free for you, so i can't really devote much time to this.

    give me some constructive advice and comments(ie more than 2-3 lines) and i'll see what i can do
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    sp.*: true*: true
    sp.walk.*: true
    sp.cape.*: true*: true

    These are my permissions and it doesnt stop telling me that I dont have enough permissions ^^
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    dunno. that looks weird. i only have sp.*: true
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    Get this error; an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.
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    was the user online when you issued the command? they must be online. v2.0 will allow editing values for offline users. sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Yeah, he was online. I even tried it on myself.
    I'll test it again.

    Okay, I put a new gravity option in the config (high), and tried it on myself. It worked, but setting my gravity to low won't work. (low is also in the config: " low: '0.1' ")

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    Did you started to work on next versions of it ? ;D
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    yeah, sorry 'bout that. i didn't check to see what each value required, so i just used float for everything.
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    Can i use Permissions groups? and how?
    for eg. i have Players, VIP, Admins , I want all Players to have like peasant skin, all VIP-something alse..
    is that possible?
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    bukkit doesn't support groups, and i'm not going to support a heap of permission plugins.
    just use spoutplayers to define groups
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    Is it possible personalize the names? It would be nice if we could color names by a color code. And it would be nice to get through a variable name of a person. Thus, it would reduce a line is the personalization of the names in group.
    Example of what I would like to:

    group2:[Admin] <DARK_RED><NAME>
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    yes, version 2 will have colour names.
    eta for final is about 1 month. my code monkey job takes precedence because it pays me :D
  28. When are you going to update?
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    lol, troll much?
    eta for final is about 1 month. my code monkey job takes precedence because it pays me :D

    ie/ pay me and i'll update faster. lol
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    nil0bject - Are you dead nil0bject ? Why arent you doing anything. Tell me if your busy. Thanks. :)
    Sry, didn't read the above.
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    When I tried to change cape or skin or anything back (/set *username* (cape/skin/mob/pm/etc.)) it saids I successfully changed what so ever and I checked the database and it haven't changed yet. I tried both SQL and non-SQL. Please fix this.

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