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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Larabeast, Jan 25, 2012.

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    When I put my server up on online mode it's not letting anyone join just giving everyone the message failed to join server, user not premium, what do I do to let people be able to connect? It worked on offline mode (obviously) but I want an online server

    Someone asked me if I have the full version of mc, does the server running the MC need the full version to run online mode?
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    Online Mode = for premium users online
    Offline Mode = premium and non-premium users

    Though if the people are all non-premium users then you'd probably want to make it Offline Mode.

    Premium = Bought Minecraft

    Even if you created the server and you are non-premium and set it as Online Mode, you won't be able to join yourself.
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    So a survival server that I connect to that's mc.blah blah is that running in offline mode or online mode? It would be offline because I can connect?
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    that has nothing to do with it. If your users all have the cracked version of minecraft and you have the server in online mode, it will not let them on. Online mode allows only players who have payed for the game to be able to join. Having a nice web address like requires you to purchase the domain name and set the subdomain of mc to point to your server.
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