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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by thomas15v, Jan 4, 2015.

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    Hi, for one of my projects I use craftbukkit as dependency. I use maven to build my plugin. Is their any way that I can compile my project without the need of having the dependency jar? A the moment I added a lib folder with the jar in my project. But I can't push that to github I guess.

    If anyone could provide me a way to build my project legally that would be appreciated :). Please note that I need a 1.4.7 version. No "legal" spigotbuilder jar or whatever.
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    You need a 1.4.7 version of CraftBukkit? Why? Are there any servers run that version anymore?
  3. @thomas15v Providing CraftBukkit isn't legal.
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    @mythbusterma Don't worry I already have a jar. But its because my plugin is designed to work the best on 1.4.7 because Tekkit Lite. Not that it stops it from running on newer versions.

    @AdamQpzm I know.

    I am guessing that reflecting craftbukkit and depending bukkit will be the only solution :(. I made this thread to find out other possibilities as I am not looking forward to that lol.
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    What's wrong with the dependency on CraftBukkit? It's not like version 1.4.7 is going to change anytime soon.

    If you're worried about legalities, as long as you're not distributing CraftBukkit, it's fine to use it as a dependency for compiling.
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    Wow, this is strange, Seems depending bukkit works out of the box somehow. That wasn't the case in the first versions of my plugin :eek:. But the question is still interesting I think.

    How can we legally compile plug-ins that don't follow the API and use NMS?

    @Bobcat00 are you sure about that? Wouldn't I get DCMA's if my repo contained a compile craftbukkit jar? The mirror I downloaded that craftbukkit jar from is also down already. The whole point of maven, is that any machine can compile. Like if you would download my project, all I want you to do is "mvn install" and you have a compiled version of my plugin.
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    You never could legally use Craftbukkit anyway, the entire project was illegal. That's besides the point.

    Honestly, there isn't a way. Build against Bukkit or Spigot, or build illegally. Those are your only two options if you really need NMS.
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    @mythbusterma oke :(. Thats kinda sad, but yeah. Well I changed the dependency to bukkit now. So its kinda legal now xD.
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    Well, yeah, that would be distributing it. I thought you just wanted a copy to compile on your local machine. You can still distribute your source, but if someone wants to compile it for themselves, finding a copy of CraftBukkit is their problem, not yours.

    And how is using CraftBukkit illegal, but using Spigot is legal?

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    I'd have to look at the specific differences for Spigot, but CraftBukkit always has been illegal due the license mismatch between NMS and CraftBukkit's code.
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    @Bobcat00 Spigot is as "illegal" as Craftbukkit.

    Spigot was claimed (DMCA) too, but... yeah...

    And as @mythbusterma said: Craftbukkit's license was always invalid.
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