**URGENT** Major issue with players using the new pre release on 1.0 CB servers

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mrgreaper, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Ok first i know the RB is 1.8.1 not 1.0 but at this stage i doubt anyone is using the rb and has a populated server

    MODS (@Dinnerbone) feel free to edit out what im about to put once u have read as it can be missused.

    i had a player come to me and ask if he would get banned as he could log on to our server with the new prerelease and press b to go into creative, although he was unable to build with the stuff spawned he could do other stuff (craft was what he said, but im guessing selling it to shops gifting it etc is possible too)

    I need a way to block all non mc 1.0 clients and fast
    and a way to detect any items that have been created this way (if possible)

    please help this could ruin our servers ingame iconomy
    were on CB1584
    theres no console messages
    we use multiverse and do not use or allow creative on our server (not even us admins, we are the same as players we have to earn the stuff!)

    all advice greatfully recieved

    Panic over, been assured by Dinnerbone that the items are 100% client side and not on the server at all

    Mods this thread can be locked and aloud to drift into silicon hell (or the bottom of the threads)

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    test bukkit 1887, he work fine with my server
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