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    Plugin category: Protection

    Suggested name: UProtect

    A bit about me: Im a server owner and have been for a while, I havnt posted much here but I have handled servers for several months. I am skilled user, yet Im not good at setting up with MySQL or what ever you call it, and I've tryed learning it to do some stuff, but I cant seem to get it.

    What I want: A plug that allows users to protect a 16x16x16 (or custom areas or based block type ) using a Diamond Block or a combination of blocks. I really dont like setting plots for sale, or having much of a economy. Never the less this would allow player to be rewarded protection from grieging by playing the game and mining

    Ideas for commands:
    /uprot : Details and Comands help

    /uprot set : Sets a dedicated (or define block, in my case the diamond ) to a protected zone were only the setting played can build

    /uprot allow [user name] allows a another player to build or edit in set space

    /uprot who : identifys who set a given block

    /uprot adminbypass : allowes a admin to disable or bypass and modify or destroy protection block
    Ideas for permissions: not sure what to fill here

    Willing to pay up to: $0... Im broke :(

    When I'd like it by:When ever.

    Similar plugin requests: None. (none that I know of)

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