Updating signs on logout?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SirLittlemonster7, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. How would I get a sign and update it on a PlayerQuitEvent?

        public void onPlayerLeave(final PlayerQuitEvent event) {
            final World world = event.getPlayer().getWorld();
            final Location loc = new Location(world, 538, 7, 265);
        public void onPlayerLogin(final PlayerJoinEvent event) {
            final Player player = event.getPlayer();
            final World world = event.getPlayer().getWorld();
            final Location loc = new Location(world, 538, 7, 265);
    Because that wont update the Total players sign when a person logs out. Please help!
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    Do you have the block location of the sign you want to update for the player stored anywhere?
  3. No, I forget how to save block locations.
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    Do you need to update the signs placed by specifically a player, or what? Please explain.
  5. Well, what I got here is a game mode, and when you click on it it teleports you and adds you to a (started players) list. On the sign it updates when a player right clicks and shows how many players are in the game. like: 1/40 players. When a person logs out I want them to be removed from the List and it needs to update the sign saying that theres 1 less player. The way I have counted is counting the size of the list:

                    if(TDTeam.size() < 41){
                    sign.setLine(3, TDTeam.size() + "/40");
    Which should work, but when someone logs out it does not update the sign, so it gets confusing to the players.
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    So your sign simply says how many players you have online?
  7. Not really, it says how many players are playing that certain "game mode" you see its like a game hub server :p I have many different game modes and people need to know how many people are playing.
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    How about you add a variable into your plugin:

    public Block gameSign = null;

    Make sure you set the gameSign, when your plugin loads and we can work from there?
  9. Just asking, why would I need that?
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    So we can store the location of the sign for your gamemode?
  11. Yeah sure ok.

    final or nothing is the thing thats only allowed though.
    so it would be:
    final Block gameSign = null;
    Block gameSign = null;

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    Ehm... before you can modify a sign, you need to know where it is.
    The plugin can't just magically do what you want it to do and find the sign you're looking for; you need to tell it where it is. Make sure you've saved that sign location somewhere, then it's not that hard to do.
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    If you stored the Sign Block as a Block then you can use it like this:
    Block gameSign;
    Sign s = gameSign.getState();
    s.setLine(0, "...");
    Thats the proper way to update.
    If you hook your events right and update the signs like that it should work.

    (And btw storing it as a Location seems better, (then you can use the location.getBlock() ))
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