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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Phoenix616, Mar 4, 2024.

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    Preface: I'm unsure if this is the best place to discuss this, I found no other place to report issues with dbo/CurseForge :S If there is please point me there.

    In the past where was an established way of how to query for new plugin versions (via the files endpoint) as well as potentially even download the file. This has mostly been propagated by this tool into many projects over the years.

    Now the files API endpoint seems to no longer return anything e.g. when using the one we have in ChestShop (https://api.curseforge.com/servermods/files?projectIds=31263) it just returns an empty array while the search one seems to still work (https://api.curseforge.com/servermods/projects?search=chestshop).

    In order to not break update notifications and downloads on all plugins that use them (especially older, established ones) I would appreciate it if that could be fixed and (if this was a conscious decision to disable it) that there would at least be an official announcement of the disabling of that API so projects using it could update and be able to notify users about it...
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    Works again now. Apparently this wasn't a global issue but one that impacted only mine/a few projects. Thanks for forwarding it! :)
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