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    Button Promote
    Your a server owner, and you know what it's like for new people to join your server, and you want them to know the ropes. So you create a tutorial starting point, to teach everyone the rules, commands, etc.. but guess what? You have to manually promote them after they are done if you want them to have different permissions. That is why I created this request.
    For whoever views this post:
    Thank you in advance for checking this out, it means a lot to me for your interest. For the plugin developers that view this post, please, let me know if this is too outrageous or wont work. Plus, and suggestions and comments are definitely welcome :)
    What exactly am I talking about?:
    It's simple, just have a button, or whatever else, to have it promote a new user to a member to be able to build and what-not. Not too hard to understand.
    Features it should have:
    - Definitely permissions, for whatever group can use the buttons.
    - Permissions Support for PermissionsBukkit and Permissions (I use since 7-29-11)
    - Economy Support like BOSEconomy (which I use), and iConomy. You click the button, but you must pay for it.
    - Well, first things first, you want it to ONLY promote the user to the selected rank. For example, your a new member, you finished the tutorial, then a sign at the end says "Click the button" (with a button at the bottom), so you click it. You get promoted to "Member". You click it again, a message pops up; "You've already been promoted".
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    2 things, which type of permissions are you running? Permissions 3, PEX? If you are using p3, go look at the plugin called word rank. If you are using p2.4.7 or PEX, I rewrote word rank to work with those and you can contact me about that.

    The mod you are talking about is the Improved Chat Mod, just google it.

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    I run PermissionsBukkit as a replacement (and fake permission) for my server.
    **Back with Permissions 3.1.x - way more efficient IMO for now.
    And oh, I like the Word Rank and all, but I don't want it to be abused.
    For example; A person logs in, someone from the server says "type this, then you can warp outa there".
    You know what I mean?

    I want something to know when the user has actually completed the tutorial THEN promote them to a member.

    Is this easy to make... or?

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    This would be very usefull
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    Oh I know! Thats why I requested it :p

    is anyone interested in this? I hope its not too hard of a plguin

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  6. Do you use the McMyAdmin permission group settings? If so, its kinda hard to get a mod that automaticly adds a name of a new player in to a gruop!

    Its possible to make a mod that (after a tutorial or after something of your choise) it adds a name to ann .txt but i dont think its possible to add to McMyAdmin, or permission for that mather.

    What we can do, is to make a plugin like said, whit the .txt document and link that to permission!
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    I don't think I quite get what your trying to say
  8. Well, the thing is that if you use McMyAdmin group commands, any action in game cannot automaticly add a name to a group, or a permission to a group!
    But what you can do, is make a group whit a permission to the mod we now are talking about to make, and then out of that mode, give them different commands after different action finnish, like your tutorial!

    So lets say, i logg on your server, and i am at your spawn/tutorial place, and cant realyy do annything exept reading your rule signs/talk to your tutorial NPC (whaterver you have) and after that, i get a permission for /warp SurvivalMode, or what ever you like there aswell!

    I actually have some great ideas for a mod like that, whit other differents type of autopermission! like if some1 gets the ability to build after these tutorials and so on, they lose the permission if they delete blocks that aint building up by them!

    However, you should get yourself permission, and some moderators to rank peoples, becuase making this mod, is heavy:p
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    Well, I've tried using Word Rank, and Time Rank, and Command Signs, none of them work surprisingly, and I just completely redid my server on a clean slate.
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    bump for my sake.
  11. How would you verify whether the player has completed the tutorial?
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    After a certain command was used, a click of a button, and/or some scanning method.
    I don't really know too many triggers I could use.
  13. You could have some signs or an button probly, in a end of a tunnel whit tutorials! And you can have signs saying, when you press this button and gett ranked, you are fully understand of the ruuls and stuff!

    That mod, would be freakying damn awsome!!!
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    Yes, what he said. Would work good in my server.
    But, to conclude, with options. Such as signs, commands, or buttons/levers/etc.
  15. I dont know if this is possible but hope so, it would be the most amazing plugin ever if you ask me!
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    Alright guys, just updated the info, now it should be a bit easier to comprehend!
  17. Could it also be a sign? (so you'd have to right/left click a sign)
    Because that would be easier to set up.
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    Yes of course, a sign would be good too, but a button would be better ;)

    I see it is actually something I indeed could use, but not particularly what I need. I'm looking for more permissions support for *certain* buttons and a little more configurable.
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    Ah, I see well ok I hope you find what your looking for :)
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    The command could be to set the user to member level, so if member use it, nohing will happen. Also, with that, how will it know who used the sign?
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  24. I could write a plugin for you. (if you can't get triggercmds to work) :)
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    Ill give this a try in my spare time
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    Then you can make. The sign redstone compatible :)
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  28. I need to implement a few more things, but it works for the most part. :)
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    Your making the plugin?
  30. Oh, did I forget to say that? I guess it should not take more than a few hours.

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