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    Plugin category: Terrain Generator

    Suggested name: Anything will work

    What I want: To see it updated to work with the current version of bukkit. the creator has gone MIA (he hasnt logged in in almost a year) and the plugin has not been updated since october of last year, and if you look at the comments there are people on the bukkitdev page asking for it to be updated to work with the new versions of minecraft


    It allowed schematics to be placed randomly throughout the world when new chunks were generated. this meant that things like new dungeons and caves and all kinds of awesome things could be put in your world.

    this is better than terrain controls method, which requires a whole new world and doesn't support schematic files, but B02 files. the problem with that is that B02 files do not support things like filled chests or dispensers, monster spawners, and other things that schematic files support that make structures interesting

    the guy also hasn't been online since October 2011,

    also there is no alternative to this plugin

    Ideas for commands: not sure

    Ideas for permissions: not sure

    When I'd like it by: maybe before 1.3 i dunno\

    found some repositories with the code

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