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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by willowen100, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    At the moment I'm currently making a Microsoft Excel workbook to help me list out every plugin permission on my servers I want to set for each group in my PermissionsEx. Currently I'm working on WorldEdit and I've come across some commands that I have no idea work. I've read the description and tried them in game and still can't work out what they're supposed to do. Here is the list of commands:-
    1. //gmask
    2. //toggleplace
    3. //fast
    4. //limit
    5. //generate & //generatebiome - What kind of things do you have to write in the formula?
    6. //replace - What's the difference in doing //set compared to //replace ?
    7. //chunk - Set the selection to your current chunk. What does it mean by my current chunk?
    8. //distr - what do the percentages mean? Is the percentage amount of that item selected out of the whole lot? If so what purpose does this command have?
    9. // - What is the superpickaxe suppose to do?
    If I find any more that I'm unsure about I will update this thread.

    Many thanks

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    - //gmask - Looks like to be a filter of sorts, I'd assume globally (hence 'g' mask). There is a page on WorldEdit Masks that you can look at
    - //toggleplace - Toggles what position commands use (as said by that page)
    - //fast - According to update logs, it causes the server to "skip the dirtying of chunks", speeding up operations, but requires a relog to see changes
    - //limit - Changes block change limit
    - //generate - Looks like it uses a custom parser
    - //replace vs //set - Replace will replace the specified block(s) with what you specify, whereas //set will just replace everything
    - //chunk - If you don't know this, Minecraft worlds are separated into chunks, which are 16x16x256 (may have changed), so it will select your current chunk
    - //distr - Shows percentages of blocks in the area, Can be used if you want to view the amount of something in an area. Could be used in a minigame or something, not sure.
    - // - Powerful tool
  3. //fast enalbes fast mode, it disables blockupdates, so when you use //fast and after that set a region of sand in the air, it won't be affected by gravity.
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