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    Warpz0r - Yet another warp and home plugin! Now with iConomy support!
    Version: 1.4.2
    CraftBukkit: 1317

    Plugin Dependencies:
    Any SuperPerms handler, as well as Permissions 2.x/3.x (Optional)
    Register (Optional, will allow any Economy plugin to be used)

    Yet another warp and home plugin.
    I didn't think there were quite enough warp and home plugins out there, so I decided to write my own for my server.
    Added basic iConomy support for /home /warp and /sethome

    Download (Direct JAR): http://thedgtl.net/bukkit/Warpz0r.jar
    Source: https://github.com/TheDgtl/Warpz0r

    Copy Warpz0r.jar to the plugins/ folder
    After the initial run it will create a Warpz0r folder with the config file in it. Edit the config file to your liking then run "reload" in the CraftBukkit terminal.

    This plugin supports warping/homing between multiple worlds.
    You only have one "home," so if you are in one world and your home is in another, you will warp to your "home" world if you use /home
    Permissions plugin is used if installed, otherwise goes based on isOp().
    Will import your existing homes and warps if you place homes.txt/warps.txt file into the plugins/Warpz0r/ folder
    Ability to disable inter-world warp
    iConomy 5.x support (DOES NOT SUPPORT ICONOMY 6.x)

    /warp <name> - Warp yourself to specified warp point
    /warpto <player> <name> - Warp target player to specified warp point
    /listwarps - List all available warps
    /setwarp <name> - Create a named warp at your current location
    /setwarp <name> <cost> - Create a named warp at your current location with the specified cost to use it.
    /removewarp <name> - Removes a named warp
    /home - Warp to your set home
    /home <player> - Warp to a specified players home
    /sethome - Sets your home
    /sethome <player> - Set a specified players home
    /clearhome <player> - Clear a players home
    /wz compass - Set your compass to point to your home
    /wz compass <warp> - Set your compass to point to <warp>
    /wz compass reset - Set your compass to point to spawn

    useiconomy - Set to "true" to use iConomy
    sethomecost - The cost to use /sethome
    warpcost - The cost to use /warp
    homecost - The cost to use /home
    setwarpcost - The cost to use /setwarp
    removewarpcost - The cost to use /removewarp
    noPrefix - Set to "true" to disable "[Warpz0r]" prefix for player messages
    bedhome - Set to true to allow players with warpz0r.bedhome permissions to set home on entering a bed

    warpz0r.use: Allow full use of Warpz0r warping commands
        warpz0r.use.warp: Allow use of warping functionality)
            warpz0r.warp: Allow use of /warp <warp> (default: op)
            warpz0r.set: Allow use of /setwarp <warp> (default: op)
            warpz0r.setcost: Allow use of /setwarp <warp> <cost> (default: op)
            warpz0r.remove: Allow use of /removewarp <warp> (default: op)
            warpz0r.list: Allow use of /listwarps (default: op)
            warpz0r.worldwarp: Allow warping between worlds (default: op)
        warpz0r.use.home: Allow use of home commands
            warpz0r.sethome: Allow use of /sethome (default: true)
            warpz0r.home: Allow use of /home (default: true)
            warpz0r.worldhome: Allow teleporting between worlds during /home  (default: true)
            warpz0r.bedhome: Allow use of a bed setting players home (default: true)
        warpz0r.use.compass: Allow use of compass commands
            warpz0r.compasshome: Allow use of /wz compass (default: true)
            warpz0r.compassreset: Allow use of /wz compass reset (default: true)
            warpz0r.compasswarp: Allow use of /wz compass <warp> (default: op)
    warpz0r.admin: Allow use of admin commands
        warpz0r.admin.warpto: Allow use of /warpto <player> <warp> (default: op)
        warpz0r.admin.sethome: Allow use of /sethome <player> (default: op)
        warpz0r.admin.home: Allow use of /home <player> (default: op)
        warpz0r.admin.clearhome: Allow use of /clearhome [player] (default: op)
    warpz0r.free: All warpz0r commands are free
        warpz0r.free.warp: Don't charge for /warp (default: op)
        warpz0r.free.setwarp: Don't charge for /setwarp (default: op)
        warpz0r.free.removewarp: Don't charge for /removewarp (default: op)
        warpz0r.free.sethome: Don't charge for /sethome (default: op)
        warpz0r.free.home: Don't charge for /home (default: op)
        warpz0r.free.bedhome: Don't charge on bed usage setting home (default: op)

    ** Note on Permissions 2.x/3.x: If you are using Perms 2/3, you MUST specify the child nodes individually,
    as Perms 2/3 are not SuperPerms compatible, they do not support the permissions hierarchy defined in plugin.yml
    Q) Why don't beds show animation?
    A) Iunno, ask Notch.

    Q) Can you add private warps?
    A) Iunno, as... Oh wait, this one's on me. This isn't the type of plugin Warpz0r is meant to be, and it's probably never going to support private /hidden warps.

    Q) I'm giving my users warpz0r.use but they can't use /warp, why not?
    A) Permissions 2.x/3.x do not support the hierarchy structure in plugin.yml (They don't support perms in plugin.yml at all) so you must define every node for them.

    [Version 1.4.2]
    - Prefer SuperPerms over PermsBridge
    - Register support instead of iConomy
    [Version 1.4.1]
    - Stupid iConomy.
    [Version 1.4.0]
    - Implemented SuperPerms. This includes a perms overhaul, please re-do your permissions.
    - Fixed teleporting to unloaded chunks
    - Fixed iConomy error when 6.x is installed
    [Version 1.3.1]
    - Fixed location saving on bedhome
    [Version 1.3.0]
    - Added /home <player>
    - Added /sethome <player>
    - Added ability to set home on entering a bed
    - New config options:
    - bedhome
    - New Permissions:
    - warpz0r.bedhome
    - warpz0r.free.bedhome
    - warpz0r.admin.home
    - warpz0r.admin.sethome
    [Version 1.2.4]
    - Updated for iConomy 5.x
    [Version 1.2.3]
    - Added noPrefix config option
    [Version 1.2.2]
    - Added /clearhome [Player]
    - Made /warpto and /clearhome allow partial names
    [Version 1.2.1]
    - Forgot to check to make sure the player supplied a warp name
    [Version 1.2.0]
    - Added Free permissions
    - Added per-warp costs
    [Version 1.1.1]
    - Updated to latest RB
    [Version 1.1.0]
    - Changed version numbering
    - Changed method used to hook plugins
    - Updated iConomy support.
    [Version 1.09]
    - Added "/wz compass" "/wz compass reset" and "/wz compass <warp>"
    [Version 1.08]
    - /listwarps is now alphabetical
    [Version 1.07]
    - More iConomy costs
    - Fixed a reference to Tombstone
    [Version 1.06]
    - Small permissions handling update
    - Updated to iConomy 4.x
    - Warplist now shows proper case
    [Version 1.05]
    - Tweaked permission handling
    - Warp names are no longer case sensitive.
    [Version 1.04]
    - Added iConomy support
    - Added a function to handle messaging the player, now only the "[Warpz0r]" text is colored
    [Version 1.03]
    - Fixed disallowing teleport between worlds, was always returning false.
    [Version 1.02]
    - Remove long constructor
    - Fixed Permission handling, works with /pr now
    - Ability to disable inter-world warping
    [Version 1.01]
    - Changed permission handling to send "Permission Denied" messages
    - Prepended "[Warpz0r]" to all messages sent to player
    [Version 1.00]
    - Initial Release
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    Cosmic Break

    so how does it distinguish warps & homes between different worlds? i've yet to see a plugin do this correctly
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    Tried it out and so far it's the only warp plugin that works on the new craftbukkit. I looked in the database life and it showed the warp was for the "world" so I'm guessing nether warps do the same but with the tag "nether".

    Anyways! Good plugin! I prefer simple warp plugins like this over mywarp anyways. I still haven't tested the nether warps but once I do I'll be sure to post that.

    EDIT: yes it works in the nether. BUT trying to warp back and forth between worlds is dangerous. Recommending to only warp to warps in the world you're in. Then use a separate plugin (like multiverse) to warp between worlds.
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    You only have one home, so it doesn't do a different home per world. So if you're in Nether and your home is in the normal world, it will warp you to your home in the normal world if you use /home
    Warping between worlds is done by storing the name of the world in the database on creation, and fetching that world when you call either home or warp. That way it doesn't depend on all of the worlds being created before this plugin is loaded, they can be created at any point of the servers existence and it will still warp you there as long as that world exists and is loaded when you call the command.

    Warping back and forth is somewhat odd at the moment (Your client keeps the other worlds distant rendered area showing until it gets enough chunk of the world you're in to redraw over it), I based the teleport code around Dinnerbone's example Nether plugin, I'm not sure how Multiverse implements it, but I'll take a look and see if I can fix things up to make it run better.
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 2:24 AM ---
    Weird, I looked at how Multiverse implements teleporting and they do the same thing I do, use the player.teleportTo method. There seems to be some "bleeding" still, but I think that's a Bukkit issue (They've done a few different commits so far to stop mobs "bleeding" through worlds).
    What exactly is it that you consider dangerous about teleporting between worlds with Warpz0r?
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 8:39 AM ---
    Uploaded version 1.01, it handles permission denied better (Actually tells the player) and prepends all messages to the player with "[Warpz0r]"
    Also tested and working with CraftBukkit 302
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    Can you fix this so no one else can use your warppoints nor se them in the /list command. Annoying when the "home"-warp is changed all the time.
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    Warp points are meant to be server-wide, homes are stored in a seperate list and are per-user (setwarp and sethome are seperate things, you don't need access to one to use the other)
    I'm thinking of adding the ability to group warps, but I'm not sure how I'd do permissions on it quite yet.
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    When i type /warp i get a list of all the warp-points ever made on the server.
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    Typing /warp with nothing else should return usage on how to use /warp. Are you running any other warp plugins that are interfering with this one maybe?
    Also, as I said, warp points are global, everyone shares the same warp list. Homes won't show up in the warp list and are per-user.

    To set your home, you use /sethome, not a setwarp command. And to go to your home, you use /home, not a warp command.
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    Sorry, I meant /listwarps. And is it possible to make, or do you know of any plugin that lists only the warps made by yourself?
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    That's not the goal of my plugin, so that won't happen in future releases with this one. I don't know of any plugins like that but there probably is one.
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    I LOl'd :) I know what you mean...

    But sometimes, you want things just so, am I right?
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    Or alot of the time just correctly workin' plugins to begin wif eh Drake?
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    They Layout of this tpoic is neat and i can read it easy it also seems to be exactly what i need for my server simple and easy no of this soc junk thats just unneeded command clutter imo

    +Diamonds for you

    also a whole stack of them coming if you add Group Restricted Warps.

    How i would add in groups to keep it pretty simple but still have the settings there for those that want them. expand to see.
    Show Spoiler

    /setwarp [name] <group>

    then when some 1 tries to go to the warp it checks to see if it has a groups set and if it has a group set makes sure they are that group or higher before allowing them. if no group set ofc let them warp.

    whist i dont like the idea of all higher groups getting access its better than nothing and alot less complex to make than say a system like

    /setwarp [name] <Group1><Group2><Group3><Group4> (space separated list)

    If you was to do any kind of Group system you would no doubt want to add other commands as well like.

    /modifywarp [name] [add/remove] <Group1><Group2><Group3><Group4>

    FYI You should make The permissions reload when the permsions file is reloaded so i dont have to restart the server just to update them.'

    so stop storing who can do what in arrays/tables on start up and just check it each time to the file. Please and thank you.
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    Ugh, icky, reading the file each time a command is given is a terrible idea. At the moment I want to keep the plugin simple, so I'm going to leave any grouping of warps out. I may change my mind later, but for now I like the plugin how it is.
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    Keep it in memory and reference it there. Update your memory store on /reload.
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    when ever i try /sethome /home /warp etc i get a message that says "Unknown console command. Type "help" for help."
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    Did you install the plugin properly? It should say "[INFO] Warpz0r version 1.01 is enabled" in the terminal when you start the server if you did.

    Also, these are INGAME commands, not console commands...
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    I've installed it, and it's working fine, everything is just dandy. Thanks for this~
    I wonder, though: how do I go about creating other worlds to warp to? I'm not really an idiot, but this is far beyond what I'm capable of thinking about without my coffee.
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    Other world creation is done using other plugins.
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    Hey, Can you add please iConomy support. For e.g warp to location A will cost X money.
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    Nope, don't use iConomy on my server. Also I'm trying to keep this as a very simple warp plugin, nothing fancy like costs.
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    I want iConomy support too since I couldn't find any teleportation plugin that supports it..
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    I have a feature Request.

    In the config file Make 1 if you dont have 1.

    Have a warp Behavior Setting

    And make it so that it changes What the warp command dose if you are not in the right world.

    A change world and warp you .
    B Deny the warp and message the user telling them to change worlds.

    I would like the B option for my server because i have Gates set up and they have a cost on them But atm they can bypass the gates using warps :/

    also you may want to update for build 400+ seems like its braking like every plugin
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    Well when i start up bukkit permissions loaded fine then warpz0r said it couldnt load files from plugins/warpz0r/homes.db smae with warps
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    @Plasmius That's because you don't have a warps.db or homes.db... They are created when you make a home or warp.
    @RustyDagger I'll add the option of disabling inter-world warp in the next version.
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    Yes Thank you Much <3 (no Homo ofc)
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    Is it normal, that when warping to a warp in a different world, you first end up at the spawn of that world, and have to type the warp command a second time to actually get to where you wanted? Same happening with /home.

    Could it be Multiverse causing this? (As we need to run that to have proper multiple worlds).
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    It's a bug in Bukkit, apparently teleportTo is putting you at spawn instead of the proper destination, hopefully I can figure something out for the next version :)
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    Needs to be updated to meet the new requirements.
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    Needs a version made For 9 and 5o some thing. i will be hoping for a 9 cause im no where near ready for 50 some thing.

    Recommended builds are still flowing 2 fast :/ a new build for plugins to be made for should not be picked till theres a large handfull of plugins for the current build :/ but w/e they will do as they wish and fail at making it more simple
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