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    Plugin category: Unstuck - Plugin

    Suggested name: FriendlyWalls

    What I want: Never die by suffocating in a wall again. It would be nice to have the Worldedit unstuck
    command in a single plugin, so you do not have to install Worldedit.
    I am requesting this plugin for my 8 Player Server because my friends often complain
    about dieing in a wall because of a bug or lags.

    Ideas for commands: /! and /unstuck <-- Like the Worldguard one.
    /lag <-- Writes OK (green) or LAG (red) if ticks < (20?).

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions.

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    /unstuck AKA ''/spawn'' or ''/warp'' or ''/top'' or ''/tp''
    Also i remember seeing this ''/unstuck'' command somewhere, gimme a sec.

    EDIT: I believe Residence has unstuck command, but lots of other features and commands you might not want.
    EDIT v2: Residence commands list.
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    You are right. I do not want to use residence because i prefer using Bananaregion.
    Also I do not want to use Worldedit because it might be used for griefing.
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    I don't think it's possible for the plugin to count how many ticks it takes to reach the sender. The simplest "lag check" is just typing a command. Such as /spawn and see how long it takes to respond. Essentials has a /ping command that just sends you a "Pong!" message, this can be used to check.

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