Unlimited Sprint & Jump Boost Potions

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ThePlayingNoob, May 14, 2013.

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    Hello, im searching for a plugin to my Hub server which will give everyone Unlimited Sprint & Jump Boost Potions. My hub is pretty big and therefore it would be easier to have Sprint and jump boost potions.
    Here is a screenshot of it (i saw this on another Hub server):
    [​IMG] If anyone know the name of the plugin then feel free to tell me as it help me out alot.
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    Type /plugins on that server and show us.
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    Cant because they hide /pl list and /?
    Any one else know??
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    Bump again :/
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    just place 2 command blocks in spawn ... that are powered by a redstone clock
    in the commandblocks type
    /effect @a[x,y,z,r=R] 1 9999 2

    /effect @a[x,y,z,r=R] 8 9999 2

    what that command does

    /effect - tells you that you wanna give a potion effect for players
    @a - For everyone
    [x,y,z,r=R] - (replace xyz the the coords of your hub and R is the radius) this give the players within the radius R of xyz the potion effect

    1 or 8 - 1 is speed, 8 jump boost
    9999 - infinite time
    2 - how strong it should be
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    Thanks! I try that!
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