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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by emuri, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Hello, I'm Oliver and I'm looking for a unique roleplay-themed equestrian plugin to be made. We want it to be realistic as possible for our server.

    -personalities that can be randomly generated; an increase in bucking, harder to level up, etc.
    -Stats for each horse that can be leveled up with time (ex. speed and how many blocks they can jump)
    -Some sort of grooming system.
    -A way for horses to get hungry-and alerts to each player when a horse is hungry. That being said, we want the ability for horses to be fed too much as well.
    -Sickness! It would be cool so see some sort of way for horses to get ill when they are neglected.
    -Lunging! Maybe a command to get them to start and stop?
    -Horses need water or they will die. Maybe they could drink out of cauldrons or water sources like oceans, rivers, and lakes.
    -A command where people with the "rehabilitator" role can get alerts when a horse has been neglected or is on the brink of death. These horses should take awhile to rehabilitate. Horses that were neglected stats been reset after a period of time
    -Horses cantering and trotting when not being ridden
    -Selling and buying horses.
    -Tp'ing your horse to you, renaming horses, tp'ing to your horse.

    I know some of theses are a bit complicated and understand if they can't be done. Best of wishes and thanks to whomever tries to help us. It would be helpful if it could be done as soon as possible.

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