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    Suggested name: Undroppable Enchant

    What I want: I really wanted a plugin that could prevent some specific items to be kept on death. I'm working on a RPG server where basically all gear and armor are important and really hard to replace, i wanted a plugin that i could tag or enchant that specific item so they would NEVER drop on death.
    Also, to make the plugin more configurable, i would add another were an armor can never be taken out.

    Ideas for commands:
    -/undenchant enchant keepondeath (now the specific item or stack hold in hand will no be dropped on death)

    -/undenchant enchant untaken (now that specific armor once put, cannot be taken without permissions)

    I would make this enchant possible to be put in a enchantedbook by admin, or have a configurable chance of been enchanted on enchantment table (and been able to be put in literally any block or item, food, blocks, armor, swords, anything)

    Ideas for permissions: (I seriously don't know exactly how to suggest some permission system.)

    When I'd like it by: I don't feel like it's cool to demand something, so i won't put a time demand or whatever.
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    Am I wrong, or are you just looking for curse of vanishing and curse of binding?
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    Not EXACTLY but that's close, i actually just need a chance to control the items that are allowed to be dropped on death, really.
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