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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FuRiouSOne, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Recently i have had 2 people having problems with picking up items on 2 different servers. What would cause a player not to be able to pick up items on one server but able to on another?

    I have disable-item-pickup-while-afk: false in essentials so that isnt the issue and the only thing i can think of which would block item pickup in any of my plugins.

    Player ONE on server X is unable to pickup items
    Player TWO on server Y is unable to pickup items

    Player ONE on server Y is able to pick up items
    Player TWO on server X is able to pick up items

    WorldBorder          : 1.6.1
    LagMeter              : 1.12.0
    GroupManager          : 2.0 (2.9.6) (Phoenix)
    WorldEdit            : 5.5.1
    BukkitCompat          : R22A
    CleanChat            : 0.3.1
    Buycraft              : 5.2
    Vault                : 1.2.23-b301
    LogBlockQuestioner    : 0.02
    MineReset            : 2.0.3
    RankMarket            : 1.3
    CombatTag            : 5.6.1
    LogBlock              : 1.70
    WorldGuard            : 5.7.1
    CasinoSlots          : 2.5.2
    Minigames            : 1.4.0
    Permissions          : 3.1.6
    OpenInv              : 1.9.7
    CraftBook            : 1828-b65eb54
    DeathMessages        : 1.6
    Votifier              : 1.9
    mcMMO                : 1.4.00-dev2-b1438
    Essentials            : 2.10.1
    EssentialsProtect    : 2.10.1
    EssentialsSpawn      : 2.10.1
    VanishNoPacket        : 3.15
    Enjin Minecraft Plugin: 2.4.1-bukkit
    EssentialsAntiBuild  : 2.10.1
    LWC                  : 4.3.1 (b767-git-MANUAL) (November 15, 2012)
    CompatNoCheatPlus    : 6.3.8-RC-b39
    ChestShop            : 3.4
    EssentialsChat        : 2.10.1
    Factions              :
    SimpleRegionMarket    : 1.7.8
    NoCheatPlus          : 3.8.9-b353
    ecoCreature          : 0.2.2-b303
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    neither of them were vanished were they? when vanished you cannot pick up items.
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    I know for sure one of them does not have access to vanish. I will double check them both right now.

    I have double checked both players and neither of them have access to vanish (vanish no packet isnt even used on the other server). Neither of them are vanished by mistake either by essentials or vanish no packet.

    Anything else that would cause those 2 players out of 100+ that does not have this problem?

    This all started days ago for one player on my brothers small server, and yesterday for the second player on my prison server. They BOTH are able to pick up items just fine on my PVE server. So confusing....

    Well i fixed the issue by deleting the players player.dat file within the world/players folder and had them log back in creating a new dat file.

    Still unsure why their player.dat file got corrupted and only happened to 2 out of the thousands that has logged into any of my 3 servers.

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    that was gonna be my suggestion, had to fix a MySQL error for jails on my server. Maybe back them up first next time or install an inventory plugin like openinv to get their stuff from their person and enderchest so they dont lose their inventory. I have had that happen with one player. Their player.dat file was corrupt and would crash the server whenever they logged in. I had to do the same thing to fix it. Sometimes weird things happen in java.
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    I have openinventory. Having them place their items from inventory and enderchest to a normal chest before deleting player.dat file was fine.

    Would be nice to know what would corrupt their file, this is a first for me in over a year running my servers and over 15,000 unique players logging in them within that year.
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