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    Hi guys, I'm back with another insane plugin request. It's half minigame, half survival extraveganza. Heres how it works:
    >>>THE GAME<<<
    Each player starts off with nothing, unless their kit intails items at spawn. Players then survive and conquer their opponents. Some things in the survival worlds are different, for example, you can have abilities and special perks to help in fights or just collecting items. You regenerate health 25% faster, too. PvP is enabled 5 minutes after the game officially starts.
    >>>THE KITS<<<
    Before the game, in the lobby, there are kit signs. When clicked, you equip the kit items when you enter the game. Kits can be purchased with gold, the game currency. In a specific world, when you respawn (all the time), you are given the shop item (idk what it is yet). When right clicked, it opens a gui with all the kits. There, you can buy kits.
    -2 Apples
    -1 Wooden Axe
    -5 Torches
    *No special skills*
    -2 Wooden Pickaxes
    -5 Torches
    *When mining stone, there is a 5% chance to get iron (25%) or coal (70%) or diamonds (5%)*
    -1 Stone Sword
    -3 Apples
    *While blocking, you get a 50% to deal 50% of the damage you WOULD have taken back at the opponent*
    -3 SP of Harming
    -2 P of Healing
    -1 P of Regeneration
    -3 SP of Poison
    -64 Redstone Wires
    -5 Pistons
    -5 S Pistons
    -10 String
    -2 Tripwire Hooks
    -5 Dispensers
    -2 Droppers
    -3 Hoppers
    -25 Redstone Repeaters
    -3 Redstone Comparators
    -10 Redstone Torches
    -3 Levers
    -3 Pressure Plates
    -2 Trapdoors
    -1 Door
    These can also be equipped and bought in the shop. They are active all the time through the game unless they are negated by another ability or kit.
    {6 Seconds}
    Shoot a fireball and explodes on impact. Deals 3 damage on hit and +2 damage if on target.
    Ice Rain
    {14.5 Seconds}
    Ice blocks fall from the sky, dealing 5 damage per block. Rain lasts 5 seconds.
    Dark Cloak
    {21 Seconds}
    Cloak yourself in darkness, getting invisibility for 6 seconds.

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