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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by LHammonds, Jul 31, 2014.

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    Someone should take over this project before 1.8
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    i need a 1.8 update! :D plzz
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    I second this.
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    Hey everyone, sorry for not keeping in touch but life has been hectic. First off let me assure everyone that there is no malicious code in my project (uSkyBlock)!

    Dutchy pretty much summed up what is going on, but I will provide what information I can from my point of view.

    About a month ago I got a message from bukkit staff saying that my project was not approved due to using files from another project. I was given a link to a github page for the abandoned project (https://github.com/Lukrez/SkyBlock-Multiplayer) and was told I would have to follow their license.

    To be clear, I did indeed use some code from that project, which I stated in the first line of my project's description. However, I originally acquired the source from the project's bukkit page where it was given away freely for anyone that wanted to modify it (the plugin had been abandoned by that time). The original author, I believe, was a German guy with the user name Leseratte91. At the bottom of the description in the github link provided to me by the bukkit staff it can clearly be seen that the download was originally available from "https://github.com/Leseratte91/SkyBlock-Multiplayer/downloads", which no longer exists. This leads me to believe that the link I was provided was not posted by the original author but is a copy, but I can't be sure.

    Regardless, it's no secret that I have been falling behind in updating the project. I have been struggling to find the motivation to keep it going. That being said, I didn't want to abandon the project completely and recently added Dutchy to the project to deal with tickets and act as my liaison with the community. I also had an updated version of the plugin ready to upload with bug fixes and UUID changes. My intention was never to keep the project closed source, but to have my own github available to the public, which was my next step after releasing the next version. I just can't justify jumping through hoops to get the project reposted here (especially if I have to type up the description page again!) but I am considering other options to make the plugin updates available to everyone.
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    The bukkit pages are still available, maybe slightly changed due to make it more compatible with my layout, but the contens is the same. Look at the pages here.

    @ Talabrek glad to hear from you and that your still working on USB
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    What about posting the plugin on Spigot ?
    Because we are all waiting for an update :)

    Keep up the good work ! ;)
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    This is quite sad. I run a server and a good %25 of our players are addicted to Ultimate SkyBlock. I have tried out other Skyblock plugins but none of them are as good as this one in my opinion. It would be a sight for sore eyes to see this project be brought back to life again and taken off of "moderation" Keep the plugins coming, we love em :)
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    As Talabrek already said, he's concidering to post it somewere else so I guess were still getting the update we all looking forward too.
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    Well, since it is quite possible there will not be a Craftbukkit 1.8, there is no emergency/need for a UUID-aware version.

    In fact, if there is not going to be a CB 1.8, I might actually revert my 1.7.9 servers back down to 1.7.5 before UUID to avoid the horrible performance issues I have seen since switching to UUID-aware servers and plugins. Things have been getting better recently but with the halt of just about everything bukkit.org, it might be a consideration to jump back to 1.7.5 and avoid UUID entirely.

    Even though the 2.0 beta version of uSkyBlock has some bugs, none have been a show-stopper and its working pretty good on my server. Thanks for making and sharing it Talabrek.

  11. I found a link for uSkyblock 2.0.0 on Curse, I'm not sure if this is an old build or not.
  12. Any chance we can get him to at least share the current code with the rest? (GitHub)
    So all the work he has put into it isn't lost?
    As stated earlier - I'd love to continue breathing life into it (i.e. add support for 1.8 features etc.)
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    I would love to see this plugin continued with UUID and 1.8 support.
    Unfortunatelly to get a reaction out of Talabrek is almost impossible. I found server owners that would like to donate to keep it going but that didn't motivate Talebrek either nor the amount of server that use the plugin.

    Since I updated my pages and found a link were you still can download the plugin, the plugin has since then had over a 1000 downloads again. Meaning to me that uSkyblock isn't dead, just the developing is.

    Till today uSkyblock is still superior as many other skyblock plugins, even with the manageable bugs.

    Contact me, on my forum or in PM, to see if we can sort it out an other way.

    And again, I will still help server owners that have problems with uSkyblock to get it working properly(and almost bug free).
  14. I would really love to help with keeping the uSkyBlock alive.

    The current two forks found on GitHub, is either really old (the Wesley branch, based on 1.0.8), or total crap (the Wolfy branch, doesn't even compile).

    I say again, if it's primarily a matter of having the time, please please please, just give me a dump (zip, tgz, or what-ever) of the current state, and I'll create the GitHub project and set everything up.

    It will be better than what we have now anyway.

    Or, if something else is happening, oh please do inform me! :D
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    As you probably already know I would love to this continued. I've tried many times to get a response or an update but till today I've been unsuccesfull unfortunatelly.

    Lets hope now Spigot 1.8 is released Talabrek will release the latest update he made.
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    has anyone actually tested this in 1.8 to see if it works ?
    and when name changes come in I assume they will lose their stuff without update is main thing ?
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    swallowgames It probably depends on which sky block plugin you use. Ultimate-Skyblock is gone.
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    With the MC1.8 there will be more problems. WorldGuard will have issues so the protection is gonna be back to the buildin protection which is minimal and not good enough in my opinion, The buy perk and donor perk options will break aswell as the ChestCommandGUI v3 has changed the commands from /chc to /cc wich is hard coded in the plugin. The UUID and changing your name will let players loose their stuff and then probably their island.

    Yet agin I have tried to contact Talabrek and to see if he's gonna release an update, this was 24 november with still no answer.

    On his own server he is using an updated version with UUID support and all other bug fixes. Maybe if all of you start posting on his own website (click her for the website) and ask (politly) if there will be an update we might get a response if there are "multiple" requests.

    If there will be NO update I will also stop support, my troubleshoot pages will stay online for a while but eventually I will remove them too.
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    We are in the progress of updating the USB plugin. Some awesome guys have taken it upon themselfs to make this possible, I'm again helping to test this and provide information on my website. On my website is more information what has been updated and what is still in progress (see the News section).

    Ps for the moderator.... why do I still need an approval before my post is public?
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    I want this plugin to stay alive as many of you do, but how can you legally make updates to it without Talabrek giving you permission to update it? I sent him a PM asking if I could help, but as you said, he doesn't seem to answer any PMs or have any motivation to open source the code.

    Also, in your latest update, why did you change how the cooldown for rewards works? It seems underhanded when you did not get permission to change the code in the first place (or at least it seems you did not).
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    I'm not in charge of the updates or the development, I just post the info I find.
    If therre are legal issues not to use this code then they will hear something, but I doubt it as we never hear anything from Talabrek.

    The cooldown rewards didnt work properly in the last version that was released by Talabrek, this will be fixed in time.
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    Look I Just Googled It And It Cam Up With its News Its Being Updated And the Owner Of The Plugin Is Changing
    See Below


    I'm proudly to announce that uSkyblock plugin is in the progress of getting updated. Unfortunatelly this will be without the previous developer Talabrek.

    I would like to thank Talabrek for all the previous work

    These downloads are for testing only. Use at your own risk, we are not responsible for any data loss

    Fixed so far
    In the last few days there have been many small update releases been brought out. It is impossible for me to add every single update to this page.

    First of all it would make this page huge and messy, second I dont have the time to update every few hours.

    From now I will post the importand updates and all other small releases can be found on the Git-Hub pages.

    Info From: http://debocraft.x10.mx/skyblock/
    Download For Plugin:http: //www.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/ultimate-skyblock/640099
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    that site looks very familiar to me

    BTW, I think the download link is wrong
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    We've came a long way since we started a new team to update Talabreks uSkyblock (with Talabrek's permission).

    Few features that are added and removed are:
    • default protection removed
    • WorldGuard added as main protection now
    • overhaul of the creating and restarting the islands
    • better support for the buy and donor perk option ( this can be customised or even removed if needed)
    • island levels system adjusted for new blocks in 1.8
    • and lots more bug fixes
    You can find the plugin back on the Dev-Bukkit pages here
    You can find us on the Spigot forums <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>

    Feel free to drop us a line on either site or join us in the forum here (this requires an Enjin account)
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