Ultima-style travel runes

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    For all you old-school MMO players, remember Ultima Online's rune system?


    Players took blank runes, and marked them at a certain location. After that, players could instantly travel to that spot by using the marked rune.

    This system was great for several reasons. It allowed for fast transportation while still requiring players to actually travel to a far-off place on foot at least once before they could do so. That way the world still feels huge and doesn't suffer from the 'small-world' syndrome that instant, unlimited teleporting causes.

    I would think the new ItemMeta and naming systems could allow for some rarely-used or unused item to serve as blank runes which could then be marked and used to teleport the player at a later time. Options for economy/item/xp costs, and warmups and cooldowns would be great, but the basic functionality is more important.

    Personally I think this should be vanilla behavior with its own unique item! I lose my house while exploring far too often. :)
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    I think that such a plugin should be made since first of all it's easy to lose someones house on a server (Without warp permissions) and also since I've played a *tiny* little bit of Ultima Online, think that this would be a good plugin to have. It'll give other players (Who've played UO) a feeling of nostalgia.
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    Cool idea :)

    Check out rTriggers (you might be able to write a script to do it) or OtherDrops when I add variable support.

    I'm thinking of something like this (note: this doesn't work yet).
        - action: RIGHTCLICK
          store: [$target-$lorename: $loc] # store the location against the target&lorename
        - action: LEFTCLICK
          command: "/!*tp $p ${$target-$lorename}" # retrives the location stored in the lorename var
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    I played UO back in the beginning before they "Fixed it" , im old :( Any ways this its a great idea. If no one helps you I'll take a crack at it. I like to make in game items and not use /slash commands.

    Heres how I would do it.

    You would combine a Diamond + a map (named if posible)

    It would create a diamond with Metadata
    Name = Rune Stone
    lore0 = worldname:X-loc:Y-loc:Z-loc ( the location it was crafted in the text color magic)
    lore1 = Metadata name of map?
    lore2 = time last used for cooldown info in the text color magic.

    When right clicked it will teleport the player to the loc stored in the lore info. this info persists after server restart and looks like scrambled stuff to the player, some sort of cool down would also be cool.

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