Two Requests: Permaent Stealth and On-Death Kick+Ban

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    I've been trying to replicate the game Mafia (as in this game here) in Minecraft and so far I've had a lot of success. However, a lot of it works for me because it's played like the forum games would naturally play. Instead I've been hoping to figure out an adapted version to Minecraft and to do that well it's need two things to be in place.

    Plugin Request #1:

    Permanent Stealth. I am by no means an good java programmer. I can read code and understand the basics of what is going on but Minecraft is beyond me. That said I couldn't find a plugin that would hide player names or put players in a permanent "stealth" mode as if they were holding shift at all times. If someone could make this (be able to toggle who is stealthed, who isn't, hide names entirely, or just make names harder to read) that would be fantastic. If anyone would like to expand on this idea or ask me more about what I was hoping for then feel free to respond.

    Plugin Request #2:

    Kick + Ban on Death: I am fairly sure no one has made this one yet but for a game like Mafia it would be a must have. The mechanics of what I'm hoping for is that whenever a player would die (whether it be self inflicted, PVP death, or monster) they would immediately be kicked from the server and have their name added to a banned-names.txt file, ensuring they could not rejoin the server if they ever die. Additional features could be a list of people who are not kick+banned when they die (as in the admins or the mafia game host) so only certain people really feel the fear of death.

    Those are my two requests. Please comment on your thoughts on them and if something like them already exists post a link here!

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    I would like to be able to adjust the distance from which the name plates are visible. Also since I'm using teams a color code would be awesome
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