[Tutorial] Using SMF (Forums) for Automated whitelisting & MySQL db info.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by MrDylan, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Sorry for the confusing title.
    This tutorial is mainly for Automating Whitelisting using SMF forums.

    AkA when a user registers on your forum they are automatically added to your whitelist.

    Except this tutorial goes into a lot of detail, explaining each process in an effort to teach rather then simply tell.

    Some Topics Coverered:
    WhiteList (Plugin by Silence)

    This tutorial is intended for someone who has never worked with MySQL, SMF, or phpMyAdmin and wants to actually learn about these items.

    I'm also not sure if anyone will read this, purely because of its length.

    Snapshot of Index/Pages 1-4:

    Snapshot of random chosen page:

    PDF: http://oomlee.com/docs/WhiteListing_Tutorial_0_5.pdf
    docX (msOffice): http://oomlee.com/docs/WhiteListing_Tutorial_0_5.docx

    Note: You are able to click on the anything in the Table of Contents both in the PDF and in the word doc to be directed to that chapter.
    Hopefully I will get some positive feedback.
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    This is awesome man !
    Gonna' help me a lot ^^
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    Thanks for your response.

    I plan on developing this further in the future as more plugins use Databases.
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    This was really helpful :D

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    I'm having an issue firstly I spent 1hour before I relised I needed the port number after the host for it to connect but the problem I ave now is it dosn't read the database or write to it.

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    Thanks for this post man :D
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    I have hit an error from SMF, everything works fine, the user gets added to whitelist etc, however when they register on SMF you git hit with a database error message, even though everything is recorded fine in mysql for both whitelist and smf?
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    Would anyone with this working with SMF try to help me resolve this longtime issue?

    To restate the issue:

    1) Doing a /whitelist add username from the Minecraft console works.
    2) Registering on the SMF forums adds the user to the MySQL databases, both for Whitelist and SMF.
    3) Registering DOES NOT add user to the whitelist and SMF gives this error after registering:

    Database Error
    Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.

    4) The user, although entered into the SMF MySQL database, does not show up in the SMF member list in the forums and if user tries to login, it gives a message about not their email address not being verified, but they don't get the email. This is not an SMF setup problem because verification does work without this mod.
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    Links are down, :eek: can you host the docs on dropbox? really looking forward to reading this.

    Thanks for taking the time to teach a noob :p
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    Well shoot, I just got back to the states yesterday to find out my hosting expired and was wiped clean.. I'll look around to see if I can find a copy laying around..
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    Ditto MrDylan, would like a copy of this guide as the links are dead.
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    MrDylan the images are broken :( Could you put it in a ZIP with the imates?
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    He hasn't been on since December.
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