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    Plugin category: Informational?

    Suggested name: ResistanceSpawn

    What I want: So when a player joins they spawn in a set point and then they follow the signs and the tutorials. When they get to the end they get teleported to the main spawn and then from then on log back in at the spawn. Even if they log out during the tutorial they will not be able to go to the main spawn. Also people who have completed the tutorial can do /spawn and get to spawn (When they log in they will spawn at /spawn). I do not have any spawn plugins as of the moment.

    Ideas for commands: /rmc settutspawn - Sets the spawn for the tutorial
    /rmc setmainspawn - Sets the main spawn

    Ideas for permissions: resistancespawn.setspawns > Set both spawns

    When I'd like it by: Anytime soon :)
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    Hello, nice to see you too here! :D

    I know there is a plugin that does this but I cant remember the name. I'll see if I can find it.
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    Timppali Nice to see you here too :D And thanks
  4. ichurchmax Set the spawn with Essentials then use something like Skript to set the group at the end of the tutorial room.
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