[TUT] Bukkit Programming: Learn How to Make Plugins

Discussion in 'Resources' started by jbman223, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Part 1: Eclips, API's and, Resources (The boring stuff...)

    Part 2: Jumping Into Java

    Part 3: Our Very First Bukkit Plugin!

    Part 4: Using the Logger!

    Part 5: Woah! A Command!
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    You labelled parts 4 and 5 as "Part 4."

    EDIT: Also wrong section, should be in the "Resources" subforum of Plugin Development.
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    Already reported the post guys sorry its in the wrong section.
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    Still, nice tutorial :)
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    Thanks a lot! I tried to skip all of the confusing parts of making a plugin, that look nice but are really not necessary, such as making an extensive package name for your plugin.
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    moved to resources section
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    The command section really wasn't that helpful, you taught them how to just send a message, and grab a persons name. It would be helpful to teach how to use toggle on and off a listener, and show how to just display it once after typing a command which literally no java with bukkit api has shown yet.
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    This is to start people off, not hold their hand while they make every plugin, asking for help in the plugin development section is far more benefitial then just copying someones code, where you learn nothing, apart from what it does.

    For a toggle, have a public boolean variable, then if its true, cancel the event, else, dont.

    Oh and jbman223, clean up that desktop! :p
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    LOL when i press new on eclipse it says no applicapale things (cant spell) can you help me fix it?
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    New? Just right click and do new project, and if not idk
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    Or File>New>Java Project
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    doesnt have that
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    This actually helped me a ton more understand the way bukkit works! Thank you!
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    You probably downloaded the wrong version of eclipse.

    You are not minecraft. Stop writing to the minecraft logger, and use the logger for your plugin!
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    HELP ME! when i tipe /hello it nothing happens

    help me when i do /hello it just is like you hit t to tipe then enter a black bock apered

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    hum...i dont know why this might be happening! It could be that you incorrectly typed code or incorrectly indented for the plugin.yml I think you might need to show me the code you used for this command along with the plugin.yml code! Otherwise I can't really help, sorry!
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    Ok. How Could I show you it?
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    jbman223 where did you find this! I Would have never found this!
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    easy! you want to go into eclipse and copy the entire page you've written! then you should paste it into a "code area"! To put it into a code area, do this: when you write your reply, you will notice two brackets and a # beside the brackets up in the options bar! click this and then paste your eclipse coding! thanks
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    Is this only for mac or does this work on windows too?
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    @NikneaWorks for windows also! I just use a mac, should be the same.
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    Is it just me or is the OP just the titles of the five parts?
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