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    Plugin category: PvP

    Suggested name: TurfWars

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugin developed that is similar to the well known "Turf Wars" minigame plugin on Mineplex. Two rivaling teams identified by the colours "red" and "blue" (perhaps the colours will be configurable) will be given an equal amount of turf. The teams must compete to claim the opposing teams turf. To do so, they will have to try to eliminate each other which weaponry in order to push the opposing team back. Once a significant amount of players have been pushed back, that team will lose some of their turf. Whichever team claims all of the turf first wins. If a player attempts to go into turf that is still occupied by the opposing team, they will be pushed back.

    I would also like multi-kit support and VIP kit's that one would have to donate for in order to use.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /tw create arena (name)
    • /tw join arena (name)
    • /tw blue
    • /tw red
    • /tw classes
    • /tw select (class)
    • /tw setspawnblue
    • /tw setspawnred
    • /tw setlobby
    • /tw stats (show players stats)
    Ideas for permissions:
    • turfwars.admin (to override and configure an arena)
    • turfwars.player (basic commands such as join arena, stats, join team, select class)
    When I'd like it by: July 2014 or as soon as possible.

    Go easy, this is my first post. Thanks for your cooperation! :)
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    Why don't u just play it on mineplex? Nobody is gonna copy a popular server's plugin.
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  3. Even if someone does create this plugin, a server using it won't get popular. Someone made an annihilation plugin that is the same as ShotBow's minigame. Have you heard of any servers running it that are popular?
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    I appreciate your reply's however you're both under the assumption that all I want is fame out of this, which I don't. I simply want this plugin so I can play with friends because we have created our own maps. In addition, many are also asking for a plugin like this and I have found no results. Again, thanks you, but I hope the next comment is by someone with a solution.
  5. That really isn't the point. This isn't a plugin someone can just sit down and make in 15 minutes. A plugin like this would take lots of time and work to make as you want, and there is really no point.
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    You know what; threads over. Thanks for your replies but clearly this is not a place to seek help. Peace
  7. It is the place to seek help, just for reasonable things. I guarantee that where ever else you guy you will get the same reaction.
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    People seem to not understand how difficult it is to make some plugins. It's not like we just down, snap our fingers 5 times and say "kazam" and it's done. It takes a long time to make a plugin like this. If it was for a server that's already up and maybe for a price, then you have a better chance of getting it done. But if you're using it for fun, no one is going to make this massive plugin.
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    @xMrPoi IKR people really need to understand that we cant just make it with two keys pressed, and why cant people make there own idea's instead of trying to steal big servers idea's

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