Trying to move from file uploading to using Git repository

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by dunbaratu, Aug 6, 2013.

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    I started a project as alpha and I just wanted to keep it simple at first so I used the file upload method of getting .jar's approved. But now that I'm ready to go to beta and open it up, I decided that it is better to have the code properly in a repository and do it right, so I wanted to have my resubmit-for-beta step use a Git repository instead of the direct file uploads I'd started with. I followed the instructions, made the repository, committed and pushed to it, tagged it... and.... nothing. It's been about an hour and the documentation says the package manager runs every 20 minutes so that should be enough time that I should now assume I must be doing something wrong here if nothing has happened yet and the repository page on the plugin still shows nothing there.

    So let me start with these questions to see if I may have gone wrong right from the start:

    Question 1: For starters there's the very simple question - is the repository URL the one starting with "[email protected]..." or the one starting with "[email protected]...."?

    Because this page:
    describes it as the one on curseforge.

    while this page that my plugin web page displayed when I asked it to set up a repository:
    says its the one on

    I used the one on Is that right or wrong? Are they the same? Do changes on one automatically appear on the other?

    Question 2: If I did do it right and it worked and I just didn't realize it, then starting from this page:
    where do I navigate to from there to see the evidence that something has happened? (In other words, what should I expect to see when it's working?)

    Question 3: If I already started the project by uploading files directly instead of using a repository, is there anything I need to set somewhere to tell it to change its behavior to start looking at the repository instead of expecting new file uploads from me? The reason I'm asking is that I'm afraid of resubmitting it for approval and having the reviewer mistakenly think the old uploaded file is what I wanted reviewed instead of the new repository contents.
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    If that's the case then there's some really misleading out of date information on the site. This page:
    claims that setting up a repository is a better alternative to uploading a file. But if what you're saying is true, then it's not an alternative to uploading a file. It's something you can do in ADDITION to uploading a file but it doesn't actually replace the need to upload the jar file as well.
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    dunbaratu Those wiki pages are not specific to BukktiDev, they are shared across all CurseForge sites. What I said is based on you'd have to talk to Curse to get a definitive answer.
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    Wow that is really confusing for someone coming in from scratch who doesn't know the history of bukkit and curse and their relationship. Well at least I know now - just use the file upload.
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    I'm still having problems with the repository and I think I just have the entire idea of how it's being used backward.

    I had been trying to use it this way, as this is how repositories normally ARE used:
    I make small incremental changes to my code. After each small change that is tested to work, I update the repository to match my changes. After several such small updates have accumulated together into enough of a change for a release, I go to bukkitdev and tell it the newest version in the repository is good for a new release.

    I'm now getting the impression it doesn't work like that, but that it works like this:
    I don't alter the repository directly. Instead I JUST upload the files to Bukkitdev and that's all I do. After I've uploaded the files, Bukkitdev's software automatically makes a new version in the repository for it for me.

    In other words, I've been trying to do it like this:
    Repository updates precede changes to bukkitdev file updates.

    When it's really its the other way around like this:
    Bukkitdev file updates preceed (and cause) repository updates.

    Is that right? It would explain why it is that when I try to commit with Git it keeps telling me that I can't because the repository was updated by changes more recent than the ones I've made myself. If the act of uploading a file to bukkit was causing a repostory update that would explain where that "newer" update was coming from.
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    dunbaratu You should be able to see the history and what caused the change from the repo, it's my understanding that the repositories are completely separate from files for BukkitDev. It would not make a huge amount of sense for the file upload to do anything to the repository :/
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