Trouble with players using warp signs & /end for certain users

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jummper123, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Hi Guys. This is probably easy for some of you but here is goes. I took over helping my son with his minecraft bukkit server that is hosted on Beastnode. Its a faction/PVP server and its running great. But we updated essentials and permissions and cant seem to remember how to give the players (in safe zone) the ability to warp with a warp sign. I as an admin can use it but others cant. Please see my permissions file
    Anyway also we need to give /end permission to our higher level players.
    Any ideas. We use Essentials, PermissionsEx Factions, PEXRank (not sure why we use this) , and the rest of the common plugins.
    Any help would be appreciated.I was thinking. Does Essentials need to be told to look at permissions? I tried some Permission commands in console and they were "Unknown." I tried /permmisions, /permmisions (player name) etc. all unknown.
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    Ummmm. That is really no help. But thanks
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    I fixed thanks anyway
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    how plz tell me

    how ???

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