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    Hello modders

    I may have a request that is a bit too big for people to handle, but what I am requesting is custom new trigger blocks, I imagine Spout and/or Itemcraft could be used here.

    Here is the different trigger blocks I am requesting:
    • Sensor blocks - if two sensors are placed adjacent to each other in a hallway entrance and what not, they can trigger an event (other trigger blocks or redstone circuits).
    • Invisible light source that can be triggered by redstone or sensors .
    • Effect block, a block that can emit smoke particles, cause an explosion, emit bubbles, play ingame sounds.
    • Music block, a block that plays custom music from an URL specified, triggered by sensors or when player enters an area.
    • Teleporter, warps player to another location or world if server is multiworld
    • Invisible block, a block like redstone that can be placed upon other blocks vertically or horizontally, if triggered the block it is sitting on becomes invisible and players can run through.
    • Give health/deal damage block, a block that when activated by sensor block or redstone gives damage or health to player.
    Again, this may be a too big of a request, when we think about it has to be maintained as well. If no one wants to do the job, could a programmer please notify me if it even is possible with Bukkit, and then I will try to learn Java and create one myself :).

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    Sensor block = falsebook/craftbook
    invisible light block = falsebook/craftbook (not invisible but soulsand to glowstone, pumpkins to glowing ones etc)

    and most of the other ones already exist
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    Thanks for your answer, I couldn't seem to find the sensor block in Falsebook, and neither could I find most of the other features in a plugin.

    Could you forward me too them, thank you.
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    in falsebook you can use Playersensors, they trigger redstone if a player is in X blocks range

    Teleporter, use any porting mod really :p There was even one that links up cake :D\

    Invisible block, I take you want to make doors that you can open? Try controllerblock

    Thats all I can think off atm, but I think there are more :)
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    Hi thanks, I have found some plugins that cover my needings on some of the features. Now I want to answer if the it is possible with the Invisible light emitter, give-deal health block, and the Effect Block.

    Also, a little side questions, can you do small cutscenes/cinematics on Bukkit with plugins?

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    hmm as invisible light source, do this:

    for example use glowstoneblock, controller block. Put the glowstone using controllerblock then put wire up the playersensor to the controllerblock, invisible light source :D You might have to pack an inverter in there aswell xD.

    If you mean something like actual invisible light sources that are also invisible when "on", then thats not really possible.

    As for the cutscenes, sadly its not possible. At least not like a real cutscene :/
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    Thanks, what I am actaully looking for is something that emits light, but is invinsible. I found a bug that can do this :p (For people using the search utility, I downloaded the plugin "TorchLight", I go to where I want light to be with 30 torches in my inventory, and one torch on my actionbar. I scroll to it and place it on a block, I then destroy the torch and there you have it, invisible light source. It will remove itself if the chunk is updated with removed or placed blocks :D.)

    Well, for the cutscenes, I am basicly just looking for a functionality where your camera makes a flythrough of an entered zone, I hope this is possible, it only needs to be shown to the player that enteres the zone :).

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