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    Hello, im looking for someone to MAKE this plugin, not just send me to several different plugins to do the same thing.

    Plugin idea: To make train stations be easy to use, and also take fees to ride. prevent minecrart backup, and rail greif.

    What it dose:
    • will prevent all tracks from being broken. (a permission node can bypass this)
    • prevent people from placing/breaking minecarts
    • (if possible) prevent people from getting into/out of minecarts
    • (if possible) prevent people from stopping minecarts
    • have "stations" witch will be a <block> next to a rail, with a sign on it saying

    That defines <block> as a train station block, and when they right click it, it will charge "15" dollars from there iconomy account. from there it will put them into a mine cart and send them down the track. when they get to the other station, it will then remove the minecart, freeing the player.

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    Yeh, Id like something like that, it would be cool, but hard to make

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