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    I would like a trade system using signs and chests and limit any databases and external loading of information. I think this would be a wonderful lightweight design and a must for all servers who don't use tokens or a currency system but want to create their own prices and trade items for items.

    I have trashed the other idea keeping sort of the same idea but rather advancing it to a more complex but overall a better design with more user friendly and less bug preventing methods I think.

    I was inspired to come up with this idea from this wonderful Chest Protection system: [SEC] Lockette

    Video with all the details I can Think Of (A Must Watch:


    We have 4 Signs and there a must for a proper setup I would say:
    [Stock], [Shop], [Trade], and [Protection]

    Now [Stock] Will auto create line 2, 3, and 4 [Stock] Grabbing the item from [Shop] Sign and the quantity from the chest. Line 2 and 3 are just special info command and when you right click the [Stock] Sign it will tell you more info on how to buy from a [Shop] System (sort of like a help button)

    [Shop] Is simple and you fill in all 4 lines. 2nd being what you have amount and type and the third line just a simple for no use for it I think... and the 4rth line being what the user has to trade with.....

    [Trade] (Should be renamed to [Buy] Should be only 1 line edit and the rest of the lines should be automatic to tell the users in the best way that shops are none refundable and right clicking this sign pretty much completes the trade instantly.. (VENDOR) lol.

    [Protection] This is the wonderful system that first keeps the owners name on the 2nd line and you can add multi owners on 3rd and 4th line also.. This will prevent people breaking a 4x2x2 area and so people can't open or break signs...

    This also could be used to get owner name from the 2nd line and send a special message when someone buys an item!

    I think this will be one the best plugins related to shops for people who don't want complex shop system nor a high load shop system. I think this would help keep big servers from having to worry about usage loads.

    I'm looking for a Trade Sign / Chest Plugin that is clean and hopefully uses no Database unless if it offers some advance features.

    I'm looking for clean like this plugin:

    The plugin would have to have a protection system. I suggest doing maybe 2 signs. 1 being the sales sign the other for the protection information with the players name on it doing it like above one. It's a must since you don't want people stealing players shop items or worse breaking the sign and placing their own and stealing the resources.

    I would love to see a so called lightweight plugin collection for large servers and I think no Database would make this work Wonders.. (Unless it's for just logging maybe?) I just think so much could be done with signs.

    Here is an example shop by trading 2 different items for the same value though you might just want to do 1 I just wanted to use a practical example of it.


    Line 1: [Shop]
    Line 2: 86-2 91-2
    Line 3: for
    Line 4: 264-1

    Line 1: Indicated to the plugin this is using it :p
    Line 2: Trade 2 Pumpkin's OR 2 Jack-O-Lantern
    Line 3: For I don't know thought I might as well use this line..
    Line 4: 1 diamond

    So when you click the sign I think it should offer you special text to spit it out english since signs need to be simple to add the right info on it. So when you click the sign it should say. Trade 2 Pumpkin's or 2 Jack-O-Lantern for 1 Diamond. (second line) please click the button to trade and don't spam it or you might cause more then 1 transaction.

    Then add a delay system of maybe 2 seconds or 5 depending on a config? To prevent people doing it to many times..

    Your Pumpkin's would be stored inside the chest and when people trade it would place their item in the chest and give your item to them. Maybe also add a system that tells you to leave more then 1 spot free for transactions like you don't want to buy dirt to trade for diamonds and then have your chest filled and still have diamonds and it keep trading and you get nothing. You gotta make sure you check if the buyer and seller have the proper free space in their inventory...

    I think this would make the best and most wonderful plugin. Small features like sending a tell to the users that someone has just bought something from their shop would be sweet too.. Or how about a stock sign also that shows information ;)

    So much could be done and use 0 databases and purely be on signs.
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    Mmmm, interesting video. XD

    I was thinking a little while watching it, how one could make a single shop do a bit more or take a bit less space.

    As an idea for you to consider, what if you had a list of items of equivalent value:
    1 diamond = 5 pumkins = 20 iron = 3 lava_bucket = 10 purple_wool = 1000 dirt

    And you were able to trade any item type for any other item type. Some items, like diamond, could be marked as 'do not sell', too.

    This would likely mean right clicking the shop sign and using a console command to do the actual trade.

    Does this thought sound favorable?
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    I want my old TradeCraft plugin also back, because we have a big mall!
    I loved this plugin, because NO chatcommands, and we have a need for gold!

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    That might work my users enjoy clicking signs more though. Also my server is to big to ever use a set value. It's over 100 days old and the prices fluctuate everyday and depending on peoples needs.

    Example Pumpkins are 6 Diamonds but sometimes there less if someone wants to just get rid of them. We have this massive trade building where there is 100's of trade lots and we were looking for a pure sign base system but if command works better thats good too. They wanted to be able to fill the chest with new stock none stop so they don't have to worry about editing and changing signs.

    I have a really picky server hehe.
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    I checked out the video. I sort of liked it because there is 0 commands but then again that system is done via a database. Maybe that is the best way to do it I don't know. My idea might work but not sure how hard it be. It's complex to setup but thats why I would make a video on how to set it up like you have there.

    Anyways I hope someone can make something working okayish and of course I'm going to donate a bit to their project :)
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    Well, if you put one type of material per sign, you could click one sign as the material to sell and a second sign as the material to buy. If you dion't have enough of the material to sell, it would generate a message saying so.

    You could use a third sign to checkout too! For example:
    • [click sign 1] Sell dirt (quantity 1000)
    • [click sign 2] Buy iron (quantity 20)
    • [click checkout sign] Transaction occurs~
    If you use a fairly unique base material for the wall that the signs are attached to, it can be a variable size and support many signs, using the block type to find all the related signs. (For instance, the gold_ore block, and it would be protected from being mined.)

    The quantity of a material could be modifiable by clicking any sign then using a command, if you are the owner, to adjust for price fluctuations?
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    That would sound really sweet. I don't mind that idea at all and I don't mind 1000 commands if it comes to admins and store owners. Just the players who come buy it I would want to make it simple as clicking a sign :)

    I love your idea's already a TON. I will show you a example of the shop space we offer (100's of plots)


    All Lots Are:
    10x10 and 7 high so most stores can be easily 2 stories high and provide tons of space for vendors.

    I counted that you could probably setup at least 14 double chests and that is just using wall space not adding extra wall petitions inside hehe.

    Our mall is:
    6 floors lol
    72 x 152 x 7

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    Looks pritty interesting. :3 Would I have to sign up if I wanted to visit your server and have a look around?
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    If you tell me your MC name I will whitelist you and pm you the info
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    Done :D

    Well, first beta anyway lol

    There are issues with inventory and signs ( updating... but it works

    (wow, tradecraft would have been easier to implement lol)
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    Sweet I did not even notice this post. Are you still planning on making it a full out mod?
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    Sure, can't see why not - just waiting for bukkit to stabilize on 1.3 before I bother doing any more (that and I can really only stomach coding on weekends)

    lol, perhaps I should use this as an opportunity to get on your whitelist :p
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    yeah send me your mc name in private. Only downside is we still use 1.1 :)
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    Just saw somebody already released this.
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    Like last few days or month ago? i saw one to very abandon and out of date.
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    0 data saving. :\
    It'll be a little harder than normal but I'll give it a shot.
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    i like the idea :D
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    Clancy Dawson

    Is anyone still attempting to build this? I really like the idea.

    Or is there a similar one? (very similar)
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    This would be AWESOME if its completed. If I was this good at modding, I would try to make this.

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